Favorite Lazy or Anti-Budget? (Pimp your blog)


I’m big into starting small and unoptimized on things and then iteratively improving the process over time. I find it really helps long term adherence.

I’m going to do a blog post next week about a lazy budgeting style I’ve been using, but I’d also like to share alternatives.

If you’ve got a blog post/vlog/podcast episode where you detail a super simple budget system you use I’d love to share it in my post.

Paula Pant’s anti-budget comes to mind.


Budgets are not sexy.

Yes, @J.Money knows about this.


Here are a couple I like:

http://www.apathyends.com/iterate-way-financial-mastery/ from @ApathyEnds

http://centsiblyrich.com/how-gratitude-helps-you-spend-less-money/ from @CentsiblyRich

And here’s an article of mine that I think is kind of one facet of budgetting (because it’s easier to break down smaller aspects than deal with everything in one go, IMO) http://tortoisehappy.com/2016/10/06/save-money-treat/


Glad you liked it and I appreciate you sharing it!


Thanks for sharing, @tortoisehappy! :slight_smile:


Haha, and then there are failures like me that, well, just don’t budget at all…

I guess that’s a pretty lazy budgeting style, right? :grinning:


Hey @sethdrebitko - great topic! Here’s mine - see if it helps in anyway. :slight_smile:


Oh lots of great suggestions so far. Can’t wait to start digging into these.


I don’t have a post yet (I’ll probably write one someday) but I go with the “artificial environment of economic scarcity” approach from The Millionaire Next Door. I set my investing goals, automatically withdraw them, and pay all expenses from my checking account.

I have used a detailed budget in the past for a year when I was trying to increase my emergency fund/pay off debt. But other than when I have a large short-term goal I find the automatic method to work better for me.


there’re lots of really great saving tips on this website https://www.mycheckweb.com/. For example, the article *25 Ways to save money by NOT being normal https://www.mycheckweb.com/25-ways-save-money-not-normal/. Check it out


This post hits on how we don’t budget like Dave Ramsey. :slightly_smiling_face:


I used a prepaid card and give myself an allowance every month direct deposit. that way i never go over and i feel like i saved when the balance gets really high… like hey you, you haven’t been that spendy…good job! then when i’m ready to readjust i have an idea of what i’m NOT spending every month…


I don’t budget. I’m too lazy and feel it’s too much effort. Besides, I can’t predict what I will want to spend money on a month in advance.

But I track religiously. And don’t have a spending problem at all.


I know this is old. but i have a slant on limitation of budgeting and how you can make it work for you