Ever wonder what cars $$ Bloggers drive? :)


Here’s 21 of them!

Some might surprise you… :slight_smile:


Yes!! I commented there but wanted to add it here… Beyond what we drive, we also are very proud of our High Mileage Club. @RetirementManifesto, @GetRichQuickish, and I think @ChiefMomOfficer weighed in as well as a few others. I’m looking at 140k and ready for another 100k!!


This is easily one of my top ten posts found so far on rockstar finance. It was so much fun reading about bloggers and their vehicle choices. Thanks J Money for putting this together.


Hmmmmm…I wonder which Forum Club member has the highest mileage car!!! Fun post @J.Money!


After 16 years of driving cheap high-mileage Infinitis and Hondas (200K to 350K miles), we bought a flawless one-owner 150,000 mile Mercedes E-350 for $7900, cash. The car is amazing, and I tell people that it must be like driving a Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle; it’s heavy, powerful, smooth, accelerates like a Corvette, and is way smarter than we are. The traction is unbelievable, and even though it’s a heavy car it gets 24 mpg. I suspect that there’s no going back to anything less than this in the future. LOL

I was attempting to reach 400,000 miles on my favorite 1997 Infiniti, but, alas, a friend drove the car, didn’t notice the hi temp guage indicating that water in the radiator was low, and it expired at 387,000 miles. Very sad. It was like losing an old friend.


Ummm…you left out the part about that “other” club!? Your mind is in the gutter, 'cuz! Leave it to a flight attendant…smiles.


That’s incredible mileage!!! I think the highest I’ve ever gotten was in the 180,000 range - also a Honda. Probably would have lasted more, but when you’re in college you tend to have other things on your mind than maintaining a car :slight_smile:


glad you liked!! interestingly enough it was all Mustachian Post’s doing, but when he heard I had the idea for yearrrrs and just never acted on it, he offered up sharing it on Rockstar Finance first before his own blog :slight_smile: so the credit all goes to him for making it a reality!


Don’t get to jelly of our 15 yo van that we got for free. It’s our only car.


I hit 207k miles on my '99 Chevy Malibu. Like a rock, baby. Like a rock.


We buy new, and keep for at least 10 years. Yeah I know…, but we prefer it that way, had so many problems with our previous second hand choices! Have spent a lot of time in NZ recently. Their cars go on for ever. Rental cars regularly have more than 100,000 km on them. My son’s car (toyota) is on the second time round the clock (>200,000 km) Nobody wants to pay the premium for a new car, as every car has to be imported. Other son (in UK) is driving 2003 Honda Jazz, inherited from his mother-in-law. It just keeps on going and has needed virtually no repairs. So not wasting money on cars is evidently a family trait…


From about 2010 - 2015 I drove a 1989 Dodge Ares K-Car with “unknown” mileage. The odometer only went to 99,999 and then it restarted at 0. lol.

The car was so old that the state licensing department didn’t require actual mileage, so who knows how many miles it really had, but based on service records I think the car had around 250K when she finally gave up the ghost. Here she is getting towed away by Kars for Kids. RIP.

Probably the best $700 I’ve ever spent. This car was easily one of the best purchases I’ve EVER made. I’ve got a half written blog post about it that maybe I’ll finish one of these days.

And here’s a pretty funny 60 second spoof commercial on this car. The one in this video looks EXACTLY like mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlmoQTSoQYo


Our amazing ten year old Honda Fit


I drove this 2001 Honda for nearly five years. Paid $5,000 cash and still sold it running at 230,000 miles for $2,000 in less than 24 hours last summer. Honestly, I have no doubt it’s still running today and often wish I was still driving it… http://www.heartlandhustle.com/how-to-sell-a-car-on-craigs-list/


I bought a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon in 2009 for cash $12,500 CAD with 77,000km

It now has 310,000km

I’ll probably replace it next year, but so far it’s cost me almost nothing, I’ve only had 1 thing break in 8 years, and I drive her really hard.

P.s.: her name is Vanessa


I’d rock from here to FinCon! :slight_smile:


I drive a Ford Mustang Convertible…weather permitting, of course! Paid for it with cash. Actually, we saved up our credit card rebates until we had enough to buy the car! Thanks, VISA!



I’m just a reader, not a blogger, so I can be an outlier to the trend, right?

After two years of research and deliberation and a long list of personal reasons, I replaced my car in Jan with a new 2016 Nissan Murano. I piled $4,000 in factory incentives onto a below-invoice price from the dealership and bypassed the first year depreciation, as reported by KBB and Edmunds. It was not a frugal choice, but I decided the opportunity costs were worth the pleasure and enjoyment I get from the Murano. It feels so good to once again love what I drive and to have the power to get out of my own way.

As an aside, I wanted a compact SUV, but after test driving them, none of them met my unicorn requirements. The Murano is only an inch or two wider than the luxury compact SUVs that I reluctantly started looking at and comes with similar luxuries, but it doesn’t have the luxury badge or increased maintenance/repair costs. And I love its bold styling.


I don’t blog either but Ill throw my two bits in (what folks pay for vehicles drives me nuts!!)…
2000 Dodge Dakota pickup. Gave 3k cash about 3yrs ago for it. Has about 185k. I am budgeting to give it some new life so instead of going to buy another 3-5k auto Ill take the $$ and put it towards this one. It runs but it needs some attention. Once that’s done it’ll go another 100k +. I figure at the rate I actually drive it, another 5yrs is very doable.
Around here the little trucks are relatively hard to come by so they go for more than avg. If I get to a point where I don’t want to fix it up or just cant stand it anymore, Ill turn around and make my initial 3k back easily.


From an alternative view point. I actually made money buying and selling my car.
Some days I miss her, but then again…
Living the Dream!