Earn more or $ave more?


Well, totally depends how you want to live, a lot of people think that save today for tomorrow is the right thing to do and when they have enough money they are not physically able to enjoy, you get old by time and obviously in your 60s you won’t be able to live like a guy who is in 30s or 40s.

So in my opinion earn more and live in today, who knows what tomorrow may bring for you.


You should keep practising for both Earn as well as save more. It is very obvious that would have the opportunity to save more only when your earning are well.

Means to say that your saving rate depends upon your rate of earning. To have an emergency fund or fund for your future, it is really necessary to start saving habits. For this you must know how much income you should save or you can plan your savings accordingly as their are several investment options available in market which go mature at pre-decided time period with interest added.


Both. But saving is definitely more important because you could be earning a million bucks a year but if you fail to fail, you’re going to end up being poor


I think This is the great and most important question of life.
You must always try to earn more and save maximum amount for financial emergency conditions.
However you can invest your savings to earn more like:

  • fixed monthly scheme

  • Fixed deposits

  • stocks/mutual funds

  • other best saving schemes
    Visit any blog relevant blog posts or watch relevant video to know which suits best to you.


I believe it doesn’t matter how much you earn if you aren’t actively saving. This article explains very clearly why saving is so important.


It all depends on your goals in life but I’d take earn more over saving. Just have to be aware of lifestyle inflation.


100% earn more!

The upside on earning more is unlimited.

You can only save so much before their is nothing left to save.


both, earn more take bigger part


It is well known that the more we earn, the more we spend. That is why I consider saving more is the best way to have more money.


If I had to pick only one for some silly reason, I would cut expenses.
“A penny saved is two pence earned.” said Wise Ben


To be honest, I would rather save more than earn more. If I earned more and I spend flamboyantly, I would be left with almost nothing at the end of the month and would end up living on paycheck to paycheck no matter the amount earned.

But saving more guarantees your future just in case you are laid off work or business suddenly takes a downturn. There’s always something to fall back on when you save compared to earning more and saving nothing.