Do you know any good online course on accounting, tax laws or investment and business in general?


I previously had no interest in business or economy or MONEY in general, but I suddenly got a goal in my life and gotten interested in online businesses, investing, and those kinds of stuffs. Since I have no educational background on accounting, marketing, tax laws, etc., I want to get to know more about these topics in detail so I can understand better for investing and maybe starting my own online business someday. Do you have any recommendations for doing it? I don’t want to and don’t think it’s necessary to go back to school to learn these. Any recommendations on books or online courses? (I just finished Rich Dad Poor Dad and currently am reading Rich Dad’s Investing)


I know I watch a lot of YouTube for help on this.


I’m interested in these answers. I read tons about this topic but took all science and never anything related to finance in college. I’m jealous of my son for getting to take econ this year.


Those are very, very broad topics that won’t be covered under one course. That could literally be years of learning.

Are you doing this for personal learning or because you want to start a business? If it’s just personal, there are numerous blogs covering all of these topics I’m sure.

If you want something more structured, my wife Mrs. Miser likes to use online courses from Udemy and Skillshare to learn about new topics. They usually cost a small amount but they are often very good and prove to be worthwhile. Perhaps go and check them out there.


What did you choose for your online course?


Interesting what did you think of the book? I just did a review on Rich Dad Poor Dad



I’m big on YouTube; I think there’s lots of free knowledge there. For example:

Stock charts and technical analysis: Basics of Trading Course (77 videos) from InformedTrades (

General Markets and Investing: Investopedia has lots of good videos

Khan Academy is also very well-known for having courses on a huge range of subjects.

Some universities also have full, free courses online. For example, Yale has Open Yale Courses.

Hope this helps!
Miguel from The Rich Miser


You could take a look at some of our online courses. Since you don’t come from a finance background, I’d recommend going for a fundamental course first. One of our courses has proven highly beneficial for people in your position, you can check it out here: Finance and Banking Fundamentals course.

Once you’re through with it, we have other Investment banking courses and International trade and cash management courses that might interest you.

In terms of books, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” is also a good read. It’ll help you talk the talk first making the walk easier.

Hope this helps…



I learned a lot with Coursera.
They provide free classes from major universities.
Warton has great accounting courses. And really for free.

Let me know if this is suitable for you,