Do People Like Websites with Chatbots?


Chatbots… often feels like talking to a 4 year old who mysteriously hides behind the picture of a senior business exec.

I don´t like them and wouldn´t use the technology…yet.

If you want to increase human interaction, check out crisp ( I have used it with some success, people have sent me messages about bugs etc. It´s free to use in it´s basic form which is great. It´s there as a chat button if a user wants to send you a message, not very intrusive, more like guiding pople to an easy way of contacting you. They have a WP widget as well so easy to integrate.

They have an iphone app so you can be online when you want to. If you are not online they can leave their email and you will get it in your inbox.

I got some valuable feedback and communication with users through the app.


good from marketing perspective but not good from user experience. same does hold with pop-up boxes that capture email