Do People Like Websites with Chatbots?


Have you all noticed more websites having chatbots that you can interact with on sites?

What do you all think about them?


People hate them (generally speaking), but companies love them since they can drive more people to get answers online instead of over the phone. I’ve not found a good chatbot yet though.


How come? Do you think it is because they don’t answer questions for people well?


Yes, the AI underlying most chatbots is still not that sophisticated and often can’t help with natural language questions. If you want to ask a very basic straightforward question they’re ok (like “when is my bill due”). It’s just like talking to Siri or Alexa. It’ll get better over time


Makes sense! I find them useful if they work :slight_smile: I was curious if they made sense for bloggers, but might take too much work.


I don’t even talk to chatbots at the off chance they could be real people and I make a fool of myself haha…


LOL! I typically only find them helpful when they answer questions I ask - but never really have seen one on a blog.


Actually I love them. I share Elon Musk’s concerns about AI. The dumber the bots are the later the awakening of the SkyNet will happen. I love tech, but can not imagine how would that fit into a blog…


I hate them, especially the sexist variety where they look like attractive women.


Love that GIF! For a personal finance blog or other info type blogs it can point people to content they want. Well that’s a thought, who knows if people would use them !


Yes that is no fun :frowning:


I always ignore them, they are pretty much annoying.


I’ve never used one. I find it annoying when they pop up when I don’t want them to or need them - it’s as annoying as any other pop-up. I don’t see why they can have a chat link instead of a pop-up.


Especially when they don’t answer your question lol!


Same! I think they should be a link or a small button to press if you NEED one, not when you enter the site.


I loathe chatboxes. They are usually not informative. If an AI they are often useless or nearly useless. If human I get hassled to buy things I neither need nor want.

I find I am far more likely to leave a site if a chatbox pops up. Sometimes I don’t even bother trying to dismiss the chatbox, I just exit.


Oh that’s true. I remember one chatbot and it was a glorified “search” for the website. It took 2 words from me and listed a bunch of FAQs for me to choose one.


I don’t mind them if there unobtrusive and I can minimize them, I feel same way about email sign up pop ups. I hate going to sights and every page you look at you getting repromted to sign up for an email lists.

If I’m checking out a new blog, and I want to see what its about before signing up for emails and I left several sites because of overly aggressive chat bots and email sign ups.


See! I don’t mind them if they aren’t intrusive.

I found one for WordPress that is just a small bar on the bottom right side of the screen, then users can click on it if they want to use it but it doesn’t popup unless they do.

I think it could be useful if it answers questions for people about content on your site.


That sounds interesting, a technology that enhances and leverages human interaction is great, software that’s just used to automate and replace humans I do not care for.

I hate how some companies use the chatbots and won’t let you get to a real person. I ran into this with a software package I was thinking about buying and decided against it after dealing with the chat bots. I also just found the chatbots madding when trying to buy a new computer.