DMV Area Meetup? Late March/Early April


Completely understood! That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to hold a meetup at Refraction - they are in Reston Town Center, which has a bus depot, with buses direct from the Silver Line.

From the WMATA website, there are a lot of bus routes that connect the Wiehle-Reston metro station to Reston Town Center: the 505 is direct between the two, but there are 5 other options available: 950, 983, RIBS1, RIBS2, or RIBS3. That’s a lot of bus options! But like I said, the 505 pretty much just goes between Reston Town Center and the Silver line station, so that’s probably the best. (All Fairfax Connector buses take SmarTrip cards as payment!)

It’s also technically walkable from the metro, if you want to get in a 1.6 mile walk, hahaha!


Yeah, I plugged in the directions in google maps and got 1.5 - 1.75 hours from downtown DC via the metro and bus. Which really means 2 hours.


I was having trouble getting Google Maps to show me the bus route (it kept giving me the walking route when I asked for public transit!). But I totally know you mean! When there were some personal finance blogger meetups a few years back, I always felt like I was traveling 1.5 hours+ to get to them. That’s why my hope with these meetups is to keep them moving, use different locations, so that no one ever feels like it’s always a long hike for them.

So I hope if you think of somewhere convenient for you that would be a good place to host a future meetup, that you let me know! (Or start a thread gauging interest - I don’t want to monopolize the planning process if others want to host! Just offering that I will host if that role needs to be filled.)


@faithfuldividends, @nexum, @FinancialRookie, @PF_Addict, @GRuga, @sara,, @Telyn thank you all for lodging your interest! I’ve got something set up for April 14th:

I know the date or the location may not work for everyone - hazards of this geographical location of ours! I hope that if you are at all able to come, you do so, and in return I promise that if this meetup is successful, I’ll help plan future ones in other locations around the DMV area, so that some of the locations are more convenient for you. :smile:


I will try to make it! Sounds awesome.


Woot! Thanks for setting this up @stephonee !! - will check the calendar and will respond back here either way!


Thanks for setting this up @stephonee. Looks cool, would love to attend even with it being a hike for me. However, wife is working that night and I’m on kid duty. Hope it goes well.


Kid duties - will miss the fun on the 14th.


I’ll be on vacation. :airplane:


I’ll be on a work trip!


I’m on duty that day!


Hmmm… seems I may have picked a day that doesn’t work for many people (that whole week seems to be the issue!). Would a Wednesday work better for folks? The 5th or the 19th? I can check and see if the space is available to move to one of those days!

Check the box below if the date works for you (you can select one or both!):

  • April 5th
  • April 19th

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I will check scheds and get back on this - thanks for re-adjusting!


I am lame - can’t do either day.


Darn! We might have to catch ya next time, it seems. :pensive:


April isn’t a good month for me.


Sorry I will miss it - thanks for getting this set up!


I’m a maybe for the 19th (depends upon the wife’s schedule which isn’t out yet), so definitely don’t plan on my account. Sometimes you’ve just got to run with an imperfect date. Hope the event goes well regardless.


Hmmm… still looks like we’re having trouble nailing a date here that works for more than 2-3 people.

I’m a little overwhelmed with “life stuff” right now, so maybe we should postpone until a better date can be found? Anyone have any date suggestions that might work?


Sorry to hear @stephonee? Perhaps start small? Coffee with a handful of people that can make it would still be worthwhile. Don’t let trying to make an awesome event stand in the way of getting together. I’ve seen a number of meetup type groups start small and after some time blossom into something more substantial.