Cutting Cable


Has anyone here cut their cable that can offer some insight into what you currently are working with in terms of internet service, streaming services, monthly bill change, etc? This will vary by region but I’m currently paying around $150/month :cry: for cable and internet through Comcast/Xfinity and are looking to see what the best alternatives people have come up with.


The most important things are what do you use cable for and what content do you not want to part with?


Yikes. I cut cable a long, long time ago. I pay $39.99/mo for blazing fast internet (it’s probably faster than I need) at 50MBPS download. There’s just two of us, so no more than two streams going at any given time.

I bought a cheap $20 TV antenna on Amazon.

Then there’s the $9.99 we pay for Netflix.

I pay about $150 for NFL every year.

We have a relative’s cable login which we occasionally use on our Apple TV.

And that’s about it. We also have Amazon Prime but hardly ever watch it.

PoF has a good piece about how he tried and failed to cut the cord:


We currently “share” a Netflix login so have access to that. HBO would still be wanted which I believe I can do $15/month through HBO Now (At least until Game of Thrones is done. Winter is here). Outside of that, it will really only be college football season that will get to me. But, I can con a buddy or two into watching the games at their place and fall back to a bar if absolutely necessary.


Reading the article, I had a very similar conversation last weekend with Comcast. However, instead of offering something awesome, they stuck to their guns and said “Okay, we can cancel everything with your approval.” I was a little shocked and couldn’t pull the trigger unfortunately.


We use HD antennas for local programming. If you live in or near a larger metro, you will be shocked at how many channels and sub-channels you can pick up. If you like re-runs and the like, you will have plenty to watch. To fill in the gaps, we subscribe to Sling (primarily for ESPN and A&E), Hulu and Netflix. If it was up to me, I could survive on the HD antenna alone except for during college football season, but my wife and son watch more TV. Cable TV is a giant scam and a waste of money!


We don’t subscribe to cable or satellite and we pay about $70 / month for a grandfathered unlimited data plan from Verizon.


We don’t have a TV at home, hence don’t have the need for cable. Been without a TV for over 6 years now. We do have high speed internet that cost about $50 a month. We don’t have Netflix or any other streaming subscriptions.

On rare occasion that we want to watch sports we borrow my parents cable subscription login.


We pay about $30/mo for internet, have Netflix and an HD antenna. Some years DH splurges for a MLS subscription (soccer). That is it. Well, we also have Amazon Prime but I’ve only ever watched a couple things on there - use the music service w/ that more.

Could add on Acorn/Sling/etc, but don’t.


We find we’re able to find enough content to watch between Netflix streaming and Amazon prime. Altogether, it’s less than $220 per year.

I had issues with Comcast / Xfinity a couple of years ago, so all I will say is, watch your bill carefully. They enrolled me in something called “Blast,” which was an extra $9.99 per month. They were basically counting on people not reading their bills. They’ve since had to pay a $2.3 million fine for overcharging customers.


That’s what sparked my initial call to them was our bill went up $35. During that call I realized our contract was up so I’m trying to determine if we want to cancel now since we won’t be hit with a fee of any sort. Outside of this past bill, though, we really haven’t had any trouble with them.


Glad you haven’t had too much trouble with them. I hope it all works out for you! We have AT&T now for business and it’s fine, though I know some folks have had coverage issues, especially in rural areas.


Florida - Bright House (now spectrum) 50 mbps for $55.change per month. Paired with Amazon fire TV w/Kodi, netflix and HD Antenna. Bad reception in bedroom, cut down on watching TV at night, now i read.


Dan over at, is an expert! He’s an engineer who blogs exclusively about cutting the cord. I featured him in a guest post a couple months ago. Great guy, and knows his stuff!


We have WOW Internet (Midwest supplier) for $25/month. It is 30mbps down 5 mbps up. A great bargain!

$10/month for Netflix (thinking about cancelling soon, content has been drying up)
$5/month for Hulu
$0/month for HBO (share with family)
$0/month for local broadcast with HD antenna (used pretty much only for watching college football)

All in, we’re at $40/month for our entertainment/brainwashing!


we pay $60 a month for internet and 9.99 for Netflix… Much cheaper than our previous $130 bill


We’re paying $65 for cable/Internet. We get about 40 channels and that works great for us. If we cut out the cable, the Internet price would go up and be just shy of the price we’re paying so we stick with that. We also have the $10/month plan for Netflix.

We’ve had a Home Theater PC (HTPC) in place for the past 8 years and that’s worked great for us. It’s basically just a Windows PC running the free Kodi software on it. The TV acts basically as the monitor for it, we have a remote for it, and it gives a great experience for watching all our movies, shows, and music. It still has a regular guide for the TV on it and acts as a DVR as well. The best part is that there are plugins that let you do things like skip commercials (like TiVo does). Love it.

– Jim


I use Sling. It is 19.99 a month and you get a selection of cable channels. There is another package that has a few more channels and it is slightly higher I think. It is app based or you need Roku or Chromcast etc for your TV. I like it because I can watch HGTV, Food Network and A & E. It gives me a few options when I want a 1/2 hour of TV. On most of the channels you can watch what was previously shown on the channel for the last 2-3 days. I also have Amazon Prime but I don’t watch much and I do watch a few things on Youtube.


We pay ~$50 / month for internet and also pay $9.99 for Netflix. A lot of what I watch, I can find online on the TV channel websites the day after it airs (and it stays up until the next episode airs), available to anyone, whether you are a paid subscriber to that channel or not. I also find that Youtube is great for having full episodes of some random BBC shows I like to watch, which is nice. I’ve literally never paid for cable in my life (my parents had it when I lived with them, but I haven’t had it since I’ve lived on my own), and I can’t say I’ve ever felt the lack.


Cut cable years ago. At the time it was creeping up past $100 mo. Then we cut telephone which creeped up to $90 mo.
100+90=190mo / that had to go.
FFwd - cell $47 mo
Netflix - $13
Century Link - $67-68mo
We have a love hate relationship with the “only” internet provider in our area Century Link. Our area does not have the population density that they look for in order to get better service so we are stuck with subpar 1.5m dsl. At best of times it might hit 1m but usually its 750k or less.
Could we use satellite? yes. Why arent you? Imagine pricing like a cell phone contract but being charged for every bit n bite you use. How’d you like a $500 mo cell/satellite bill?

So 47+13+67=127 Better than 190 but still stupid ridiculous…