Credit Cards 100% Paid Off!


After getting caught in a spiral of retail debt purchases -wedding, honeymoon, home improvement costs, medical expenses, and more - my wife and I have FINALLY managed to pay off ALL of our credit card debt.

It took us over two years of having a plan and sticking to it, nay - exceeding it, but it feels fantastic and it’s so worth it. I know it’s super cliche to say so, but a gigantic weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Many days it felt like we were making no progress, we would look at our balances and they were moving in the wrong direction or we would be forced to put a large unplanned purchase on the credit card… days when it felt like we would never get “there”. But I’m telling you that planning and patience works. If I can do it, any of you can… just trust in the spreadsheet :slight_smile:

The best part is that we did this while still saving/investing over 25% of our income on average. It can be done!


Congrats, that’s awesome! I can completely relate. My wife and I carried some business debt years ago. I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and it hit me how much we were paying out toward debt every month and how much extra money we would have if we paid it all off. I can still picture the moment in our living room when I was talking to my wife and we agreed to get rid of all that debt.

So many people fail to save for retirement simply because their payments to credit cards, car loans, student loans, mortgages, etc. eats up every last dollar they have. Once you get debt paid off, you can start saving. And once you start saving, it’s incredible how quickly your assets start to grow.

Plenty of people make plenty of money, they’re just spending it all on debt payments.



Thank you MyHECM. It was Dave’s book that got me going on the path, too!

Of course, I still couldn’t get my wife to read it (or any nonfiction book for that matter)…


Way to go! Are you staying away from CCs now or using them more responsibly?


Thank you. The plan for now is to continue to use 1 card to the extent that it can be paid off each month. This will also help us accrue airline points.

I have one card with <10% APR that we have agreed will be use ICE… but hopefully we have enough cash/liquid assets on hand that it won’t be necessary.


Congratulations! The weight of credit card debt (with all of that interest) can feel so heavy. Glad you got rid of it and still managed to save a good chunk of your income.




Sounds like a solid plan! I wish you continued strength on your path!


I work with retirees a lot and I’m always amazed at how much debt some seniors have. I talked with one a few months back who was living on Social Security and a pension and carrying around $70K in debt between car loans and credit cards. Wow. It was stressing me out just talking with the guy. I couldn’t imagine being retired, on a fixed income, and have that kind of debt burden.




Congratulations!!! That deserves a celebration. Paid by cash :grinning: