Coolest Side Hustle Ever!


Was just talking to a guy I met at the gym who said he bought a monster truck for $103K!!! Obviously, the first thought that popped into my mind was “Are you f**king kidding me!?!”. I “politely” asked why he decided to take out a small mortgage to buy a truck and he had a great answer!

He said that he can make between $250 to $3,000 a night at shows where he drives around crushing cars and racing other drives in the mud!!! I was floored and quickly apologized for my snarky tone. He is a much wiser man than I and I definitely earned the Jackass of the Day Award!!!:sweat_smile:


That sounds like a lot of fun! I bet you can probably do 1 show a week so an extra $1200 to $10,000 per month doesn’t sound too bad


Its almost like a really fun rental property that you can destroy things with!!!


Coming to a demolition derby near you: The Frugal Finisher! It’s crushing cars and coin alike lol


I wonder what the upkeep would be on that?? Surely an oil change is more than $19.99 and 20 minutes at Jiffy Lube…


That is the BEST thing I have heard all day! Hahaha


Exactly, and I’m guessing repairs, replacement HUGE tires and the like are very expensive. I used to go to Monster Truck Rally events with my dad, and there were always breakdowns, rollovers, etc. This looks like a huge money loser to me.


Wouldn’t mind seeing his income vs expense breakdown. And how much value he puts on the fun he must be having


That. Is. Awesome!

However, can he actually find well paying gigs often enough to make his ‘investment’ worthwhile?


He said that he could probably get three or four a month. I think he has been wanting to do this for a while and is probably willing to travel far and wide to do shows. I’ll have to catch up with him next time I see him


It sounds to me more like a hobby that pays for itself with the expenses people are mentioning. But any hobby that supports itself gets respect from me.


I think one also have to be mindful about what hobbies/activities one decides to take up. Knew of a lady that liked sky diving, and was planning to become a sky diving instructor. She loved this sport, spent a lot of time and money on it, but one day she had a bad crash with the ground. She was not able to work her old job anymore, multiple fractures and brain injury. This was a few years ago and recovery is very partial.
I think society has encouraged people to take up risky activities as it has been looked at as being cool. Doctors have said there is an epidemic of accidents/injuries stemming from extreme sports. I rather call it extreme risk taking. My frugal thought is : is the pleasure worth the cost if something goes wrong. Is it worth it? Medicine cant fix everything.


I would pay 20 bucks just to sit in it. Glad he didn’t crush your car to make his point.