Cooee Australian Members


Calling out to Australian finance bloggers.

  1. Introduce myself to the community
  2. Find out more about you
  3. Brainstorm together some ideas to support each other and celebrate each of our personal milestones and success along the way.

I will do my best to send you each a personal message, but why not beat me to it and get in contact earlier.

Living the Dream up here in Cairns and we look forward to meeting you in person!

Yours truly
Peter Horsfield :palm_tree:

About the Kooee Australian Bloggers Club

Another Australian!!! This is great! Nice to meet you Peter, I’m Luke. I don’t have a blog (yet) but my friend has one called cashsmash (

I’m in Sydney, but I love meeting other Aussie FI followers.


Sweet brother. I hale from Sydney myself.
I recently 2 years ago got itchy feet and decided to try our a transition to early retirement and moved to Cairns.
Now we have another office up here (work gives me purpose) and I travel to Syd/Mel/GC regularly helping out friends and clients achieve their own financial independence too.
Life is sweet here in Cairns with the reef on the doorstep and the rain forest the backyard!
Cool wheels you’ve got Luke! I used to own a 1965 AC Cobra :red_car:


Nice car!!! Sadly, the Beetle is my friend’s car, not mine. He runs the blog I linked you to. But I did get to go on the roadtrip with him, so at least I experienced it first hand, ha ha!

That’s amazing you decided to head up to Cairns for early retirement! My plan is to go the other way and see what Tasmania has to offer, but I’m still a little ways away from that yet.


Hi Peter,

I am from Sydney, i am running the cashsmash blog. Great to see you are living the good life up in Cairns. Very nice car mate.

I have three car projects on the go at the moment, MK1 golf, VW splitty Kombi single cab, and a VW T5 Camper build.

Great to meet other Aussies. The investment advice typically is tailored for USA and sometimes the tax, super and other advice for Aussies is missing.


Wooooo, welcome to the forum mate!!


Cheers brother!:+1:


I am not an Australian blogger but my husband is from Sydney and
love to hear about people pursuing FI down under. Although at this time we plan to stay settled in USA, I know that you can’t predict the future and we may one day end up back in Australia. One of my big concerns if we retire early is healthcare but luckily we always have the option to move to Australia which can solve that problem.


Thanks for dropping in and saying hi 606.
If you guys do ever decide to pull up stumps and head back down under, you might find the following of interest.
Look forward to hearing about your journeys to FIRE :fire:


If you guys are planning a trip,then try to include Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef in your itinerary.
First round of cocktails are on me :tropical_drink:


Hey HernandezPrime,
If you know of any other Aussie bloggers, can you point them to post on this thread. If we get 5+ then we can have our own Aussie community.
Have a great weekend.


Hey Pineapples,
If you know of any other Aussie bloggers, can you point them to post on this thread. If we get 5+ then we can have our own Aussie community.
Have a great weekend.


Frogdancer from Melbourne here!
I have a blog that I’ve been writing for 10 years or so now… not primarily a finance blog but it has bits and pieces woven through it.
I’m steadily working on my FIRE goals with a mix of real estate and shares and hope to be FI in about 7 years or so. Then… I’ll travel!


Hey :frog: :man_dancing:t3:,
Great to meet you here.
Keep in touch and look forward to reading hitting your milestones to FI.
Im just hopping over to your site now to check out your posts.


This post from 4 years ago
details the journey the most.


Y’all got your own club now :slight_smile:

Kooee Australian Bloggers -->


I 100% agree about the tax, super advice etc which is why I started my blog. I’ll have to check yours out :blush:


Just opened the link, posted my first message and twitter spammed an invite to all the Aussie Bloggers.:slight_smile:


Hey Peter, here’s a list that Dividends Down Under put together of Aussie FI bloggers, I hope this helps!


Hope all is well for you. We’re still here :slight_smile: