Congrats to Claudia for becoming MORTGAGE FREE!


She put out a great tweet about it :slight_smile:

Here’s more on how she did it, as well as the killer note she wrote to the bank along with her final check, haha… There is hope, people!


Congratulations! Must be such a liberating feeling to not have to worry about such a major bill!!


Congratulations! I can’t wait until I join the mortgage-free ranks.


Huge accomplishment! Congratulations. :slight_smile:


Wow, what an accomplishment! Congratulations! Enjoy your bubbly!


Congratulations! I can’t wait to join the mortgage-free ranks. But my interest rates being so low (2.65%) is stopping me to make extra payments. Less than 60K to go though. Congrats again.


Amazing - like getting a big tax free raise :slight_smile:



Hey! That’s us! Thanks for sharing, J. Money!

Also, thanks for the comments, everyone. It’s because of your support and encouragement that we’ve made it this far. Thank you!


Congrats, Claudia! Has to be an amazing feeling :slight_smile: Can’t wait to follow along on the next step of your journey!


Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.


Wooh Congratulations @twocuphouse what a big piece of freedom!


Congrats, a milestone that feels great to reach, I can only imagine :slight_smile: Well done, and enjoy the feeling of owning your home outright for s long as you can!


Congrats Claudia!

On a side note: 70K is what I had to put down on my mortgage as downpayment. Sigh… Canada


Thanks, everyone! You are awesome. :slight_smile:

We are LOVING the mortgage-free life! Life is good.


Congrats! So awesome!


Congratulations! That must be such a wonderful feeling!


Top work, congratulations!!!