Chicago Meet Up - FREE CONCERT - Monday July 17


Hi Y’all! I"m new to these forums, but not to the FIRE community. I’ve met a ton of people through the MMM forums. FIRE people are the best people.

I’m arranging a few people from different forums/FB groups to see the free concert Monday night in Millenium Park. Big Thief and Overcoats are performing at 6:30 PM.

I’ll be in town this Sunday through Thursday afternoon, so I could do a Sunday event if that works better for people. I’m also meeting a couple MMM folks Tuesday or Wednesday night.

I know this is really last-minute, but I’d love if people can make it!

I"m tagging @MissMazuma since she may be the keeper of the meetups.


Sounds fabulous! I will unfortunately be out of town for work but is anyone else available?? @MaximizingMinimalist @LaurenT @evenstevenmoney @Shnugi @jzarach @FlyinTeacher @tylerillinois @frugalelle @Taemoo @SteveGoodwin


What a cool idea. It’s not in the cards for us though this week. Hope you guys have fun!