Chicago FIRE - MEET UP TODAY! February 24 at 4pm in Rosemont


Hey all!!

The holidays are over, I’m fresh home from CampFI, and I am already feining for more time with my fellow money nerds. Since all of our other meetups have been in the city, let’s make this one a little easier for a few of our burbs peeps. To make it also accessible to the city folk, I thought ROSEMONT may be a good place to meet. The blue line takes you right there or there is plenty of parking for the outlet mall.

McCormick and Schmicks has an awesome happy hour from 4-630pm (some of us met at the one downtown last summer) with great prices. If anyone has another idea feel free to shout it out! Otherwise:

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks
5320 N. River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018

I realize it isn’t as convenient for everyone but I would like to get a head count to see if there is interest. If not, we can move on to a Plan B.

Thanks!! (I am tagging everyone that has signed up to be a part of the Chicago Fire Group. If you would prefer not to be tagged in future posts, please let me know. If you are reading this and I missed tagging you and you want to be tagged in future posts, let me know that too!)


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I’m down and the blue line is my friend.


Happy New Year, @MissMazuma (and all)!

I put it on the calendar, but I’m aware we’ve been flaky lately. We have to ration our babysitter use, is all! :money_mouth_face:

Hope we can make it!


Ugh. I’m crushed. Leaving town that day. A week before?


Hmm…am I right that this is on a Saturday? Maybe I should use my Southwest Companion Pass and fly on down to Chicago? It’s like 4,000 to 8,000 southwest points for my wife and I to fly down.


We aren’t keeping track of all your no show’s…or are we?? :wink:

We’d love to see you but I totally get it if you can’t make it. There will always be others!


Sounds like a worthy cause! We are meeting in the burbs but there is much to do in the city before/after. The train takes you right to where we are meeting. I’d love to meet Mrs Financial Panther!


I’m out of town the week before but there is nothing stopping you from getting a meet up going that weekend as well! There is always someone down to chat. :slight_smile:

Also, you weren’t on my original list so I will add you now!


I’ll have to ask her and see if she’s down for it - we got a lot of travel we need to do this year with this pass and we do like Chicago. Would just need to think about hotel possibilities then next.


responding now so I keep this on calendar… maybe we need to make a trip down the the windy city the weekend of Feb 24… :smirk:


That’s what I like to hear!!


We are planning on going, just trying to get a sitter lined up! It’s on the calendar though! I’ll share it in the FinCon local group too to see if there’s interest again!


And now I wish I was still in Chicago


@GoldenHandcuffs this is the thread for the February meetup. Just wanted to make sure you saw… let @MissMazuma know if you can make it so she can make plans for her headcount. Hope to see you there!


Count me in on Feb 24!


Thank you. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for me to make meet ups that are outside of downtown and I don’t think I can make the next one. But I hope to see you guys in the near future at other meet ups!