Chicago FIRE Meet Up #3 - HAPPY HOUR - Monday June 5 (ARCHIVED)


I could totally see @evenstevenmoney being there since I can’t make it :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope he has some good gossip on you, since we’ll be talking about you behind your back?


I will FINALLY be there! :slight_smile: So excited to finally meet you all!


That would require us to hang out more than once or twice! The only dirt he has on me is how much he avoids hanging out with me when I’m in the area! (to be fair I usually forget to tell him I’m coming to the city until last minute haha).


Don’t mind @RetirementManifesto - he is a visiting member to our group and isn’t aware of how it works up north. We NEVER speak poorly about the folks who can’t make it. We reserve such banter to speak about the “visiting” members after they have left. :wink: Looking forward to seeing you all!!

@Gwen, since @evenstevenmoney isn’t coming it is your obligation to attend in his place!! Work be damned!!


Ouch. Touche! Not sure if I’m going to come now, given your stance on “visitor treatment after they leave”.


Looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks @MissMazuma for organizing as always🙌🏻


I NEED THE HELP OF MY CHICAGO FRIENDS! I’m finalizing details for my Lake Michigan Swimming Challenge nest Tuesday a.m, after our meetup on Monday Night! (SO excited for Monday, and HUGE SHOUTOUT to @MissMazuma for setting it up! Can’t wait to meet ya’ll (Southern Drawl imitation) there!

Here’s where I need the help. I need to send a starting point for the Lake Michigan challenge. Is Ohio State Beach acceptable? Need to be as close to Navy Pier as possible. Here’s draft of flier, so you can see what I’m up to.

THANK YOU in advance for advice. I need local knowledge, and know I can find it here!


That is the closest beach to Navy Pier, but please note it’s the Ohio STREET Beach, not Ohio STATE Beach. : )


Noted, and corrected! Thanks! See you on the beach! (?)


This is my first-ever post to Rock Star Finance. I can come to this event between work and another event and am looking forward to it. Thank you, MissMazuma, for organizing it.


Sweet!! Looking forward to seeing you there. If you can’t find us, awkwardly walk up to any random group of people and ask if they are Rockstars. :wink: Or, since @RetirementManifesto image is public, look for this guy… Unless you have been drinking there should only be one of him.

Image result for retirement manifesto


Alright, I’ve got a hair appointment at 4 (thanks Salon Apprentice!) and then I’ll head right over. Where will you guys be…just chillin’ like rockstars at the bar? :sunglasses:


I think I can find that guy pretty easily (I can’t get away from him, actually!) but I’m not certain he’ll know where the rest of the Rockstars are!

Looking forward to meeting all of you TOMORROW!! I’ll hang by the bar and ask folks if they’re Rockstars!


Recently lived for 7 years about 100 yards from that beach. It’s as close to Navy Pier as you can get and is often used for stunts like your cold water challenge. It’s also the only north-facing beach in the city and is somewhat protected from heavy wind and rough waves. A very civilized beach. Enjoy.


I was actually just going to see if this is still on because I can make it! Gwen the tradition continues.


Should be there, i’ll be wearing work clothes and a backpack aka my uniform!


Clothing optional!! :wink: See you there!


Ahh, I am going to the Cubs game tonight. I swear I will be able to make it to one of these eventually!


Bumping one last time!! See you guys tonight and (again) if anyone else wants to join please stop by! We will be in the bar area around 5pm.

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