Cheap Off Season Vacation Spots


Does anyone have any suggestions for “FIER’d up” vacation destinations in the US or abroad? I’m looking to go away for a week some time in the Fall or early next year.

I’m big into nature so hiking and camping is more of my ideal getaway as opposed to big cities where all you do is look at buildings, shop and go out to eat.

I was thinking Yellowstone Park or maybe hike the Appalachian Trail. I also may consider going back to Iceland, which isn’t cheap by any means but still worth it!

Thank you!!


We live in CO and there’s lots to do out here…


There are always great deals for trips to Las Vegas from the east coast.

I went there twice and found lots of things to do other than gambling.


That was honestly the last place I would have expected to be suggested on this forum, but I’ll defiantly look into it!


CO is up there on the list!! There seems to be a strong FIER community in those parts. I might have to arrange a few coffee meet ups if that turns out to be the destination!!


Southern Utah has a ton to offer in the hiking and camping department. Zions National Park, Arches, Moab… It’s about three hours from Las Vegas to Zions National Park or four hours from Salt Lake City to Arches.


We’re on the road home from Acadia National Park in Maine. It was AMAZING. A ton of hiking - and the fall is the quiet season for them. I think the free buses run until the end of October. They take you everywhere - I highly recommend! But we were in Colorado last September and as ESI said, there’s plenty to do there! And just as (more to be honest) amazing!


You could just sign up to get flight notifications from Scott’s Cheap Flights (or similar) and then just book a ticket for wherever looks interesting (!). I’ve seen some crazy deals come through there if you have a little flexibility (esp. in terms of location).


Never heard of that service Kate, thank you for the suggestion!!!


Vegas can be a frugal vacation, a lot of the shows and meals are loss leaders to get folks in the door.


If you’re OK with just bringing a small backpack, I look at deals from Frontier/Spirit/Allegiant Air
They have crazy deals sometimes where a roundtrip domestic ticket can go anywhere from $40-$100ish. Perfect for a quick weekend getaway or as a base to start exploring other places


Agreed! Used that for $438 round trip non stop tickets to London from Orlando, shared and stayed in BandB with a friend in the heart of London for $400 for 9 nights. Did a lot of walking tours, rented bikes, a few cheap bus tours and had a blast!


Couple ideas (some of them repeats from above… but hey they’re good choices):

  1. Vegas, but then immediately rent a car and drive to the grand canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and as far as your adventure can take you (can literally drive all the way to CO and have a blast if you have enough time. Buy a tent from Walmart or stay at cheap air bnb’s along the way. Oh, and the reason to fly to vegas, its usually super cheap.

  2. CO, as many people mentioned, once you get there you can just roam around on trails for free and it’s amazing

  3. General advice: check out public lands over national parks. I went to Grand Escalante in Utah and there were 5 people there. Compare that to Zion where there are 500+ (its like an amusement park). Plus GE is free!

Have a blast!