Cars: How Much is Too Much?


Simple. I like it.


I am probably at opposite from most people on this site. I love cars but always used them for practical purposes. this weekend my wife and I bought a german convertible for use in summer. It was totally unnecessary purpose but we felt time was running out and wanted to do it while we could still have fun. We paid cash and will store car until the spring.


German convertible sounds fun!
BMW M3? Something more exotic?


Not too exotic but an Audi A5. Still has over 2 years of warranty plus my 35K and 45K scheduled maintnenance are free.


We only buy used good quality cars (both of ours are quite old but may be classed as luxury vehicles) as a compromise. I think we spend an average of $10K per car. We both would like a nicer larger car but balk at paying $18K and up.