Can You Share Some Investment Ideas?


It was only last year that I decided to start my investing journey. I had lost my job and was wondering what I could do to earn money. Then one of my close friends gave me this idea of investing money. I hesitated at first, but then thought of giving it a chance. And the best part of investing is that you can get started with just a small amount of money (as you know, I did not have much money at that time because of no such income). So that’s how my investing journey began.

There are websites (such as easyMarkets) and blogs that have helped me a lot with good investment ideas. Also, I have read great articles on investment, followed some of the best investors and got a lot of ideas. At the beginning, I found out that market return does not matter much and the rate of savings is what actually matters.

And now I am really glad that I got into investing.

If you are into investing, what do you think is the best investment idea? Also, let me know what has worked for you. As they say, there is no end to learning :slight_smile:



I’ve tried a few investing strategies (individual stocks, within insurance products, high-dividend payers, etc.), but a few years ago my study of best practices - and paying some “stupid tax” - I settled on the ever popular low-cost index funds. Nothing sexy, but it consistently performs better than most actively managed strategies. If finance pro’s can’t consistently pick winning stocks, why would I think I could?

Determine your risk tolerance, open an account at Vanguard, and buy three or four index funds. Repeat every month. Retire wealthy (if you have a reasonable amount of time left in your investing career).

Good luck.



In my first year, even after a good profit, I realized that it is a game that you simply cannot win year after year. Just think about it, out of all actively managed mutual funds (run by teams of professionals that analyses the market as a full-time job) a whopping 82% of them did not constantly beat the index over the last decade.

Nearly 89% of actively managed funds underperformed their benchmarks over the past five years and 82% did the same over the last decade, S&P said CNNMoney

Low-fee indexing all the way! :smile:


Low-cost index funds. Even the whiz kids at Harvard tried to beat the market and what happened? They lost billions.



I each the others thoughts - low cost index funds are the way to go. I dabbled in a few individual stocks (which u am still holding) but ultimately for the long run the index funds work best. No muss no fuss. If you’re looking for specifics I will echo what @PoF said and check out the Bogle forums. Many here would suggest VTSMX or VTSAX but there are plenty out there!


There are numbers of investment ideas that can be beneficial for you. Your investment could be according safety and risk.
If it comes to safe investment options you can safely invest in:

1- Fixed deposit
2- Public Provident Fund
3- Equity
4- Mutual Fund
5- Real Estate

If you think you can take risk while investing your money you can go for these investment:
1- Stock Market
2- Small-Cap Mutual Fund
3- Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for investment that can give you monthly earning, then you can investment in monthly income scheme also. There are numbers of monthly income schemes available that you can try specially designed from the perspective of retirement.


There are lots of investment options are available in the market which are as follows-

  1. Fixed Deposit
  2. Direct Equity (Share market)
  3. Public Provident Fund
  4. Senior Citizen Savings scheme etc.