Can anyone help me to suggest a service that provides accounts payable workflow automation software?


“Hello, buddies,
I am working as a Managing Director of a leading pharmaceutical company. It has been many years we have launched.
Even though we have many accounts payable workflow automation systems that help to complete our work quickly we are still following the manual process. But now our company is in a growing stage, acquiring new operating units that are added to its complexity and our staff is finding it difficult to work manually. So, we are now looking to implement accounts payable workflow automation system in our firm. Can anyone help me to suggest a service that provides a better one?”


I would recommend FreshBooks for your pharmaceutical company. They are one of the top dogs in the invoicing and accounting environment and all manual processes used by your firm would be eliminated; I can guarantee you that.

A friend of mine uses FreshBooks for his growing electronics startup and he says they’re relatively easy to use, employee expenses can be tracked, they have good mobile apps which enhance usability and their customer service is top notch.

I think you should try them out although their monthly cost is a bit on the high side depending on the package you choose