Buying a car


Random question here. In the next few months I’ll be purchasing a new (used) car. I will be writing a check for this thing. #debtfree fo life! Would you recommend bringing this up to the dealer, does this help/hurt? I assume it speeds up the process since you’re simply cutting a check, but I’ve never done it this way before…kinda pumped to just do it…walk out the door and boom it’s mine.


Don’t tell them you’re paying cash. They’ll lose a potential revenue source (financing your loan) and will make up for that loss of revenue by selling the car for a higher price.


Thanks, and thanks for the article, I’ll check it out!


I agree with @GetRichQuickish. Keep your cards to your chest until you play your hand. You have the negotiating power, but only after you find what you actually want.


Never tell them you are going to pay cash. My last vehicle purchase was for a motorcycle. I financed it to get a lower price, made sure the loan did not have an early payoff penalty and paid it off right away. If anything act really poor. :slight_smile: Also do not buy the extended warranties etc. They are big money makers for car lots.