Budget Tips


YES to ebates!



This is awesome! The last thing you want to do after retiring is to have to go back to work to pay for one of these expenses that WILL come up.


There are so many great tips in this thread!

  1. I do 80% of my weekly meal planning based on what’s on sale at my local grocery store. For 4th of July week, we ate a LOT of corn on the cob, haha
  2. Huge fan of ebates- if you’re going to do some shopping, might as well earn some cash back!


I always follow the formula of

Monthly Income - 20% Savings = Expenses.

Since the pay out is normally every 2 weeks 15 and 30. Then whatever net earning I have for my salary in a 15th and 30th, I used the formula. And also I create a spreadsheet to track every expenses that I have within a month. Stick to the budget.


All of our expenses, monthly or yearly recurring expenses–like car tags/registration–is averaged out into equal bi-weekly payments (26 or 24 depending how many times you get paid) and kept in our checking account but tracked as future expense payment transaction that we add funds to every paycheck until payment is due. This way, every year you’ll always have the payment and it won’t seem as if you’re taking a big chunk out of your savings/emergency fund becuase you’re putting small amounts away every month as a recurring payment.

Additionally, my wife and I use a contribution % to split our income for expense. We use a spreadsheet to keep track of income and how it will be applied to expenses which we average out to bi-weekly payments. Here’s a look at what we do in terms of contribution % if that helps:


Also, we always consider savings a pre-expense bucket similar to taxes “income - taxes - savings = expenses” …pay yourself first.


My wife and I have tried every budget tool imaginable but we really both enjoy YNAB. She still writes out the bills on her own calendar but then I plug them into YNAB. Here is a link to signup for a free trial.

(If you sign up I get a free month and so do you. Just to be open and honest but we really do like using it.)