Budget app feedback (myannualbudget.com)


Hey personal finances pros! I’m looking for feedback on a budgeting tool: https://myannualbudget.com. What would make this tool even more useful for you guys?

Please remove if this violates any self-promotion rules, but I’m really just trying to get feedback from personal finance experts, rather than attract users.

Backstory: It’s a personal finance budget calculator that does all the math for you, including an estimate of your taxes owed. I was inspired to make this after seeing several friends trying to take control of their finances and make a budget, but becoming confused and frustrated by some of the complicated math related to pre-tax vs post-tax savings/expenses and taxes.

If any other software developers out there would like to contribute, see the open-source code at https://github.com/jdevince/budget. (Angular + .Net Core).

Hi from a personal finance tools software developer!