Boring is Good!


Saving on taxes has never been easier, but tax articles can be boring. As a blogger I sometimes have to pass on writing an interesting story to provide facts. During tax season I sprinkle resource posts I know will have narrow appeal since most people don’t have the issue discussed.

What about you guys? Do you sacrifice traffic for an important post?


i’d guess that 90% of my posts are “boring”

Really, though, what you’re calling “resource posts [that] will have narrow appeal” are good things - they’re niche posts. you don’t always want to post something that solves everybody’s problem, you want to post something that only a few people need.


Overtime the boring posts lead people to the blog, opening up interaction for them to see some of the more fun ones :slight_smile:


I find there tends to be an inverse relationship between how useful a post is and how popular it is.

The popular ones tend to be like magazine articles or television episodes… substance light, entertaining at the time, and forgettable.

The useful ones are more like textbooks, valuable when “just in time” learning is required, but unlikely to be something a sane person would read just for fun!

Then of course there are the click bait listicles and advertorials, that (much like eating junk food) seems like a good idea at the time but ultimately leave the audience unsatisfied and wishing they could get the five minutes of their lives invested in reading the crappy post back. :slight_smile:


If you can add facts along with stories and perspectives to back them up, some may find that interesting. :grinning:


I think it all depends on how narrow the niche is, and if your SEO is good enough that google would have you on the front page, and the people in that niche may become new readers.

Unless it’s something personal or you really care about the topic, I’d tend to avoid something really narrow (say a tax issue that affects only thousands).


I really struggle with this as I agree that it is the mundane posts that are usually the most valuable.

Personal budgeting is certainly not rocket science. It is more like “housework”. Yes, mop the floor every week and so forth. Not exciting stuff.

The light and fluffy articles are easy to read, interesting and often useless.

On the other hand, I would be inclined to avoid highly detailed posts relevant to very few people in a single country. (For example, an article on capital gains tax in Australia would not be useful to almost all of the people reading this post). :wink:

My 2 cents :frowning:


Entrepreneur is a problem solve. Blogging is a form of entrepreneurship
As long as you address problem of visitors they will find info useful rather than thinking it is boring. In my opinion share info and that will pull correct crowd


Your brand of hard truth never disappoints!


Is why nobody reads my blog :wink: