Blog Share Monday


This Forum is better organized than most, but I still get dizzy when entering. The lists are long and rarely what I’m looking for. Searches come up with nothing, something old, or something irrelevant.
Sorry for the rant.
I’m trying to participate in the “Blog Share Monday”
I didn’t know about it forever.
Then I thought I understood it, but maybe I don’t.
I couldn’t find it? And the recent one I found said: “Closed?”
Does someone have to start a new topic each time?
This is the third Monday, I think?
I’m sure I chose the wrong “topic category” that was mandatory too?
I would like to share this if it is an option?
Sorry, I’m still clueless!


Have you requested access to the blogger lounge? Its usually started by Amy sometime around 7am on the first and third Monday


Hi @WealthyDoc

@StopIroningShirts is correct - I start the blog share thread on the 1st & 3rd Monday of the month.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions - happy to help if I can.



Hopefully this won’t show twice? My first post didn’t populate?



Not the correct place to post this