"Blocked as Suspected Bot"


Hello, very new to wordpress. It was working fine, but now whenever someone tries to comment on my blog posts it says “blocked as suspected bot.” What do I do!?





Thanks for pointing in out @_TJ. Your best source is @Grayson, he fixed that for me last week. Mine was a problem with Mojo Marketplace, if you’ve got that plug-in I’d suggest you delete it and see if the problem goes away (no harm, that plug-in is added automatically by WP/Bluehost, but doesn’t do anything for you). If that doesn’t fix it, reach out to Grayson, he can help…


That seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much!:fist:


I was going to say the same thing!


Nice. That Mojo Marketplace plugin is a joke and I really do hate it. If you use Bluehost or any EIG owned brand, just remove it and your life will be much easier.


You bet, thanks!


It was mojo marketplace for me a few weeks ago as well.


Unsolicited recommendation for @Grayson, here. If you need a web guru to take care of things for you, he is The Man.


I second that recommendation. @Grayson can CRUSH any WordPress problem you have, and his rates are VERY reasonable! This is one area where it makes sense to oursource - keep your energy focused on creating great content and let the expert exterminators kill your gremlins!


Thank you!


I appreciate the kind words @RetirementManifesto


That worked for me too! Thank you.


Hello everyone,
I am also getting the same problem.I have moved my site from wordpress.com to wordpress.org few days back only.However I do not have any plugin running currently except bluehost.Can anyone help please.Its really urgent.



And, I personally like to run Wordpress with as few plugins as humanly possible. I only have installed and activated what I absolutely, positively need. Plugins can do some really weird things to your blog. I don’t even have a caching plugin installed any longer because of weirdness I saw with them over the years I’ve spent blogging.

I’ve slowly learned that the fewer the plugins, the better.


Another cause of the “Blocked as Suspected Bot” message is if the user has blocked JavaScript.

Many people block Javascript for security purposes, and turn it on only when necessary. Like me.


@TheFrugalGene just told me she couldn’t comment on the blog due to the error “Blocked as suspected bot”. But I got comments this morning so not sure if the above is the issue.

Does Mojo Marketplace even do anything? I’m on Hostgator. It looks like it’s for paid themes and mine is not. Just thought I’d ask before I do something potentially bad by deactivating it…


The only thing I’ve heard Mojo does is mess up sites. :rofl: I’d get rid of it.


OH yeah right, I was able to send a comment last night so I’m assuming it was just evil mojo jojo.


Yeah frugal gene said same thing on mine so I just got rid of it