Big thanks to Tiller for being our first forum sponsor! If you're a spreadsheet nerd you'll love 'em ;)


Hey guys! Just wanted to give Tiller a little love here for sponsoring our forums for the next month or so and really believing in what we’re doing here.

Our ad slots in the forums are limited by design so it doesn’t distract us from the main mission, but while it is free to join and hang out here (and always will be!), it does cost us to maintain this bad boy in both money and time, so the support from like-minded companies in our space is super helpful.

So thanks, Tiller! As a huge spreadsheet nerd, I’m proud to be partnering up with you here :slight_smile:

Here’s more about Tiller if you’re a spreadsheet lover too:

In a nutshell, Tiller automatically pull transaction data from all of your credit cards, checking, and savings accounts every day, and then feeds it into a secure Google Sheet spreadsheet so you’ve always got a current view of your numbers.

As fellow blogger Kathleen Celmins once described it, “it’s as if Mint and Google spreadsheets had a baby, and the genes from Google were a lot stronger.” Haha… @DerekOlsen from our Money Challenges here is also pretty obsessed with them and swears its changed his game.

Some off the perks using them: being able to create multiple sheets for multiple needs, categorizing the data however you want, being able to filter the transactions and drill down to identify spending for a specific amount, merchant or date, being able to build your own pivot tables for customized reporting, and even share the sheets with whoever in your family or financial life needs access.

Tiller costs $5.00/mo to use, but you get a free 30 day trial to test it out first and see if it’s something worth continuing or not. And if you’re a student, you actually get access to it for an entire year for free - pretty cool.

More info on them can be found here:

Thanks again, guys!


Highly recommend Tiller.

Once you understand how it works you’ll be sold.

I suggest creating an account, linking to your bank, and creating your first Sheet just to see it. If you are into budgeting with spreadsheets, you’ll love it.

Horray for Tiller!!!


Never heard of Tiller, but thank you Tiller!

And it sounds like a useful tool, particularly for combining my wife’s finances with mine. I’ll have to try it out!


I like how it seems to give more control than Mint.


Let us know what you think if you do, @The_Vigilante!


First heard about Tiller on Stacking Benjamins and used it for about half a year. Definitely a useful product and has amazing customer service!

I’m not a huge spreadsheet guy, which is why I ultimately canceled my subscription, but it’s definitely useful for folks who are spreadsheet users.


I must admit that the advertisement caught my eye. Spreadsheets ROCK! Yes, yes they do.


haha yeah… kinda hard not to stare at it while you wait for the pages to load :slight_smile: (which means we better do a good job putting up not only legit places, but also easy on the eyes banners!)