Big Hello! Today I became a millionaire at age 42


Reading this is such great motivation!! Congratulations on reaching this milestone!! If I were in your shoes, I would definitely do some travel on your month-long break!


Congratulations!! You just inspired me and got me mad at my debt all over again, all with the same post!


Woohoooo!!! Congratulations, new millionaire! Out of curiosity, what are you going to say when you quit? Are you going to tell them truthfully or a “moving on to new experiences” sort of thing? I’d love to drop the mic and my job and say “Because I have F-you money, y’all!”


Thanks for all the kind words! I have already quit last month and it’s going great. It’s a fantastic feeling to cross over to the phase where all your planning and your money is now doing the heavy lifting. I did not leave and tell everyone it’s because I have F-you money. I had nothing to prove to the company and am actually thankful.
I appreciate the years of employment–the job and the paychecks were another tool/resource to allow me to get to F-U money and for that, I am thankful…so I didn’t do a mic drop, I just thanked everyone and stated I will miss them all and left…lol.


Yey @Diz! An amazing story and thank you for sharing it here. You are a true “ROCKSTAR”!


Amazing and congratulations!


Welcome to the Club Brother :+1:


The fact that your wife gets to do what she loves for $12 an hour should make you very happy. That’s awesome to hear and possibly even better than hitting the $1MM mark.


Well done! Have you stopped smiling yet?


Congratulations!!! I’m hoping to be where you are in another decade or so.


My niece is trying to become a flight attendant! She has traveled the world but does not speak any languages beyond English. There seem to be hundreds and hundreds of applicants at every event she goes to. Any advice on how she can stand out?


Congratulations! I’m still waiting for mine, does it feel like free puppies day?


Hi Patti! If she just wants to be a flight attendant there are several companies that will take her immediately though I am not certain which ones. Look for regional carriers. For the big boys, you don’t need to know a language but it certainly helps to make you stand out. Overall look the part, be friendly, no visible tattoos or piercings, and be kind. In the meantime, have her focus on customer service related jobs and WHATEVER SHE DOES make sure she doesn’t tell the interviewer that she wants the job because she loves to travel or needs the insurance. To us we hear “I want a job that gives me the flexibility to take off work whenever I want while paying for my medical.” Although that may be trues, we’re hiring employees not vagabonds. :wink: Good luck to her and reach out any time!


Amazing. Congratulations! That’s a huge milestone.


Wow!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. I like your post with nice topic.

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Happy for your success. I am next to hit the million dollar mark. Watch out


Great to hear your story, congrats! :slight_smile: