Big Hello! Today I became a millionaire at age 42


Hi from Florida!
Just logged in to mint and I crossed over to a million net worth today. I consider myself a late starter (never finished college, played around till mid 20’s and finally got a ‘real’ job at age 27 earning $18k a year). I’d end up working for the same company and same position for 15 yrs due to the fact that my company continued to increase my pay. I am ending this year around $150k.
Since year one, I had that rockstar finance mentality–went to library and read so many personal finance books till they looked and sounded the same to me. Let me save you some reading:

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference (the gap)… and continue to make the gap between earning and spending wider through your working career. Take advantage of tax sheltered or tax free options for investments.
That is pretty much 90% of all personal finance. So I stopped reading and started acting on it in year 1.

After a 2 year lesson on how not to invest in the stock and real estate market like you are in vegas, I settled down and purchased the entire market and trusted in compound interest and regular contributions. And I also chose to buy and hold investment real estate (resi rentals) for long term to collect rent income.

The rest is history…we had a massive real estate crash during my working career which produced excellent buying opportunities so I have a handful of paid off rentals. And we also experienced a massive stock market crash and as scary as that was, it ended up being fantastic for us working stiffs who were still contributing and buying in our 401k’s

As cool as it feels today to hit a milly in my early 40’s, more importantly, earlier in the year I noticed my assets were earning more than my living expenses so at that point, I had already realized my job and a paycheck was possibly…optional.

Now…I am on the next step.
I’m planning to quit my 6 figure job this week (because it is mind numbingly boring and monotonous)
For me–the goal is not a ‘good job’. The ‘good job’ is just another tool, the goal is the get to the point where you no longer need a ‘good job’. Then you can find something to work on that doesn’t even feel like a job because you enjoy it.

I plan on taking a month break and then finding a new job that is fun and enjoyable (I’m all ears, any suggestions?) Whether it is high pay, medium pay, or even minimum wage, it doesn’t matter much as I can afford to live paycheck to paycheck now as long as I enjoy the time on the job at this point.

And then I am going to trust in all the personal finance books.
I’m going to not touch my million in assets/investments split half in tax free or tax deferred accounts and half in investment rental properties and let compound interest do it’s thing and hope that it doubles every 8-10 yrs.
If this plan works, it is amazing to think I had to work so hard for the 1st million but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th million will automatically come after compound interest does it’s thing even if I joined the circus working and living paycheck to paycheck for the next 20 yrs.

Wish me luck and best of luck for everyone out there going for their own dreams

I am married to the love of my life and she has never earned more than $12/hr part time but loves loves loves what she is doing (I only mention this because this is a finance forum and I know the more info about $ and data the better for you all take something useful away from all this) and we are raising and supporting 2 amazing kids both under 10 yrs old.



Awesome!!! Congrats!! Keep stacking them chips up! Can’t wait until I hit that number and then some!


Congratulations! Great story, and enjoy your (well deserved) break!


Welcome, and congrats! I also have a nice little six figure job that I’m quitting this month so I can pursue things that actually interest me. Good on you for prioritizing your happiness over money. A million is plenty to live on, especially if you live a relatively frugal life.


Congratulations DiZ! Woot! Woot! :champagne:

Quite the accomplishment and an inspiration to many.


This is awesome! Congrats Diz! It takes a lot of effort to hit that goal and even more resolve to quit that monotonous job. Good luck!


Congrats on your success!


Wow - CONGRATULATIONS!!! :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:

Fantastic story! I would like to suggest your encore career as a SWA Flight Attendant. :wink: Before you say no, let me tell you the benefits. Besides awesome insurance for cheap, free flights for you and the fam, a completely flexible schedule, and the best pay in the industry, my job is fun and entertaining. We consistently top the charts on best places to work and have been the encore career for many in your position. In fact, we still have many of our original flight attendants working even though they are now multimillionaires. Oh, and I just happen to know someone with an interview to be on the hiring committee…you know, just in case. :slight_smile:


Once I decide where I want to live, can you help me become a SWA Gate Agent? :wink:


YESSSSSSSSSS. Congrats. Such Good Vibes. Thanks for sharing. You will remember this day forever. :dollar::sunglasses:


I <3 Southwest . Especially whoever runs their social media :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I’ve always said “42 is the answer” : )

(My blog name is Bayalis is the Answer, and Bayalis is 42 in Hindi).


Congrats! That’s amazing news!


That’s fantastic! Congrats, @Diz!! :grinning:


Thanks for sharing! That’s amazing. Definitely something for everyone to strive toward. Do you think you would still be in a comfortable position had you not dabbled in real estate? Or was that essential to the plan?


wow. Thanks for sharing! I love how you break it all the way down to the most simple advice.


Thanks! I would say dabbling in real estate ended being fantastic for me ( half my net worth is investment properties) and every single property is making me cash flow…but I would not say it was essential to the plan because the part of my portfolio that was invested in the stock market also did well and if I did not dabble in real estate, I would have doubled up purchasing in the stock market. What I would say is that having some $ in the stock market and some in real estate eased the bumps so that not all your holdings took a hit when there was a dip in either market. And rental income stayed steady through real estate market ups and downs so that was nice.


Thank you so much-- FA doesn’t fit me because I don’t like being away from my fam and I live 50 min away from the airport (I’ve been spoiled by a 7 minute commute to work this past 15 years).
But you are the reason I joined this forum! I appreciate the comments, the suggestions, and I have never heard the term ‘encore career’ so I learned something new…love it. Thank you!


Welcome and congratulations!! That’s amazing! Sounds like you have a wonderful, free future ahead.


Welcome to the 2 comma club @Diz!