Bhavini at Smart Money Manners


Hey everyone!

Super excited to join the Rockstar crew! I’m fan-girling a little seeing some bloggers here that I’ve been following for a while.

I write over at Smart Money Manners, a blog I started this Feb after achieving FI. It’s about building good financial habits - even in a city like NYC - and draws from my own personal experiences (immigrant, woman, LGBT, financial experiments).

A lot of you folks have taught me ridiculous amounts in my own financial journey so this is one way for me to help pay it forward.

Two quick questions:

  • Who’s attending FinCon this year?
  • For the veterans - what’s been your experience? Would you say it’s worth going?

Hope to connect with some of you at some point!



P.S. some of you have amazing pics. Not gonna lie, the profile pic was a struggle, and the most decent one I could find is the one of me stuffing my face with stir-fry :slight_smile:



I am certainly going to Fin Con this year!!!


We’re your first Twitter follower! (Women Who Money!!) :relaxed: @AmyB And yes, FinCon was awesome! If you have questions, let us know!


Who doesn’t love stir-fry? Welcome! :wink:

As for FinCon


Welcome to Rockstar


Oh awesome, thanks Vicki! So kind of you.
Definitely will let you know. I’m seriously considering it and just started looking into it.


Sounds like a great experience, Amy. Impressed that you pulled off volunteering and attending at the same time, seems like it was a lot! And the trash talking was hilarious - I totally expected something else haha


Thank you!


Welcome to the group! :grinning:


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