Best ways to promote your blog?


I’m interested in the ways other bloggers promote their blogs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I got the most views I ever after the Blog Share Monday on July 3rd, so thank you all!! So I am also interested in this!


Blog Share Monday is extremely useful, you’ll probably get anywhere from 10-25 shares of your content. In addition, make sure you are part of the Rockstar blog list. Whenever you post, it picks this up and you become part of a feed. This typically brings in 8-15 people when I publish new content.

Being very active on Twitter is a great way to promote your blog. You don’t need to post about your site all the time. Make sure you publish other people’s content, talk to them about it, comment on it. As you grow your following, they will tweet your content. If you have a very compelling piece of content, don’t be shy, ask your Twitter followers to retweet it.

The same is true of Facebook, although you shouldn’t really repost that much b/c you’ll lose followers, and if you blog anonymously, it’s a great way to be outed. I’m personally planning on running a few Facebook ad campaigns to increase my page likes. I figure once I hit 100 likes, I’ll look more legit and have a solid following that will grow.


Thanks for the information! I’m doing all of the above :slight_smile:


Hi SavingGeorge, I started blogging a couple of months ago and have detailed all the marketing strategies that I’ve used in my blog traffic reports. You can check them out here. Good luck and have fun blogging! :slight_smile:


I’ve done some guest posting. I really try to share some of my best content with other bloggers. It’s a win-win because they get free content and that saves them some time. You get exposed to their audience.
One of them even got a Rockstar Feature!




Thank you!


I’m struggling lol…I just have reached 1000 views and I’ve been at it three weeks. I also work 3rd shift so it’s hard. But I’m determined. Thank you and congrats on your success. That’s AWESOME!


Blog share Monday was great for my blog activity.


It helped. I shared alot more than actually shared mine though. But that’s ok. No big deal. Thanks for your reply.