Best thing I've seen all day


A mom at the kids’ bus stop drinking coffee brewed from home, but brought in a fake Starbucks cup with her name doodled on it with hearts and all! Haha… #StealthSavings


You should have snagged a pic!


People get upset when you snap photos at children’s bus stops :joy:


I Cracked up when I saw this on twitter today. Thanks for sharing and brightening uo my day.


yeah - big rule on the internet too! no kids pictures on blogs as there are too many psychos out there :frowning:


There are some bloggers who use their kids as “models” so they can be employed by the blog, creating savings opportunities.

My wife is paranoid about the kids being on my blog (but my revenue is minimal), so I’ve kept it to pretty much the back of their heads…



I share your wife’s paranoia. I have yet to pay my kids as models, but the pics I’ve used have been of them from behind looking out on an interesting landscape. No faces.

For the day your site starts making bank and you are reconsidering, here are some pros/cons.

As for the mom @J.Money saw: #FrugalPride at its finest. Thanks for sharing.


I am on the same track…to each their own though. White Coat Investor and Physician on Fire pays their kids for the photos…good business expense and they put cash into a IRA for them…but not for me yet. Maybe when he is older.