Best RSS Feed?


Hey all, would love your thoughts on best RSS reader. I use “Bloglovin” today, but haven’t really researched other options. Any consensus over which is best?? Thanks!


I use Feedly - LOVE IT!

So clean/simple/great on mobile.

All the blogs I follow for curating Rockstar Finance is in there.

(also free, naturally)


Isn’t there a add to feedly button you can add to your blog?


I’ve heard good things about Feedly, but I like “push” better than “pull”. Bloglovin’ sends me a daily email with my feed, handy. They also have an extension for your browser bar, easy to click and check out the blogs I follow.

I haven’t seen these features on Feedly, is it possible to set up a “push”?


oh, nice!

i’m not sure as i just go to it every day when ready to read/curate, but i always see all these bells and whistles so i’m sure it does have anything you’d need…

it also has a paid upgrade (of course - hah) so could be hidden in there too…

I’ve heard of blog lovin’ for yearsssss - they’re old school! - and i like seeing their buttons all over, but never poked around myself. Seems to be a worthy tool :slight_smile:


Hey @J.Money - I AM in my 50’s, after all (old school seems to fit). I just pretend to be young and hip when I’m hanging with all of you Millenials. Did I have you fooled?


Same here. I’d rather pull than be pushed. :slight_smile:

I also have an “add to feedly” button that floats in the lower left corner of my site. 210 Feedly followers.

Does anyone know a way to find out how many RSS subscribers you have? I googled it once and didn’t get very far.


Cool @PoF. How’d you add the Floating Feedly widget?


It’s a plugin. Linked here.


Love Feedly and the ability to add collections so I can zone in on the topics I want to read! It’s like having a magazine with all the right pages, and no ads for the most part since it pulls all the content into Feedly directly! Plus, it even syncs across my devices.

I am setup for BlogLovin’, but haven’t had much success with it either.


I just use old fashioned e-mail subscription at this point. :smiley:

When I search for the the “add to feedly” plugin, it says untested with my current version of Wordpress.


Feedly as well. Have (goes to peek) 233 blogs/sources I pull from set up into 8 collections. About once a year I go through that list and figure out what is dead or doesn’t interest me.


Wow @SFF - how in the world can you stay on top of monitoring that many blogs??


You just log into Feedburner to see how many RSS subscribers you have. Unfortunately, the numbers aren’t accurate because the way RSS works there’s no way for Feedburner to know for sure how many people are actually subscribed, so it has some kind of algorithm it uses to calculate its estimate of RSS subscribers based on how many pulls its received over some recent time period.


Interesting @_TJ. I’ve also had folks say they’ve had issues w my Wordpress RSS feed, need to test it in Feedly myself. I also use email subscription extensively.


:slight_smile: About 30+ are comics. Gotta read my comics in the morning. (looking for more good web comics suggestions)

The Recipe, Blogging and PF collections are the only ones that blow up if I don’t stay on top of them. But for recipes, if it doesn’t sound interesting, I just mark it read. Same with PF or anything else. I skim the headlines and excerpts and go from there.

The other collections are blogs that post less frequently, including the kids’ school and some craft stuff.

Feedly is what keeps my inbox much cleaner.


Yep - someone else here mentioned it and I added to my site. Looks pretty good.


I just added it too. Looks great. I’ve even got the “floating button” on the left side of my site and I think I’m okay with it. (I think those floaters look bad most the time.)

You can see the button on the right side of my site and the floater on the left.


I’ve always subscribed to my own feeds so that I can view them when they come out.