Best Money Podcasts


I like the Meaningful Money podcast, which is UK based, but has a lot of great generic information, and in a much simpler vein, Minding Your Money Minute. It’s simplistic, but it is a good, super quick daily dose of financial topics.


I also manage to drive and listen without missing too much. The worst part is when you hear something really exciting, and want to stop and think about it!


I enjoy listening to the Mo’ Money Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse. Hope that helps!


Cool! She interviewed me a while back, waiting for it to air!! Let me know if you hear it before I do!!


Both of these are excellent. For the bloggers, you’ll really enjoy @Doughroller episode 200 where he discusses his blogging story and then the 10 episodes later in the series where he talks about building a blog.


Yes, I listened to that entire podcast series. Great content and lots of take-aways, highly recommended.


Great to hear, me too!. Will watch out for it. :slight_smile:


Throwing my hat in the ring…

It’s more than just “money” though…

This podcast has been up for almost year… I used to run the Consumerism Commentary Podcast which was around since 2008 or 2009 or so.


I really enjoy Martinis and Your Money - went back and listened to alllll the episodes! I love Shannon’s tone - she’s funny and takes no bull, heh.


It’s the only thing I listen to in the car anymore!! And when I am walking the dog…and when I am grocery shopping. :slight_smile:


I downloaded some episodes since your intro yesterday. Looking forward to checking it out!


Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. We are always accepting feedback!


I just discovered the Matrimoney podcast, which is interesting if you like to hear about a couple’s personal approach to spending, budgeting, and working toward financial independence. The couple who host it is also really enjoyable - I love hearing their story and progress.


I’m a big fan of Planet Money, Stacking Benjamins, and Martinis and your Money.

Just a note, if you’re into marriage and finances, I created and host the [Couple Money Podcast] (

On Mondays it’s shorter, bite sized interview about financial topic while Thursdays’ shows are more story based where we look at how people accomplished something big with their finances and see if we pull out tactics and principles for couples to use.

Thanks Emily for mentioning the Matrimoney Podcast, I gotta check that out!


+1 for Meaningful Money.

Bigger Pockets has a good one too.

The a16z is usually interesting, though not always particularly money focused.