Best Money Podcasts


I am new to the Podcast world and have had a few recommendations that I listen to already. Wondering if there are any other ones out there I should check out.

Stacking Benjamins, Afford Anything and Mad Fientist are the ones I consistently come back to.

Why do you like your favorite podcast?
Ms. Steward, Talking About Money from Central Indiana

You’re in luck @ApathyEnds, I’m a podcast addict, and all I listen to are finance podcasts. I wrote a blog about my favorites (I also keep an updated list of my favorite podcasts on my resource page).


How are you guys able to actively listen to the podcasts while driving a vehicle? I feel like I would get too distracted as I already get distracted and have to rewind just from browsing and reading blogs while I’m trying to listen to a podcast.


Awesome - thanks for the list!


I listen on the bus ride and at work, have to rewind sometimes but get most of the content


Planet money(npr) and How do I money are good too


@_TJ - I listen during my commute. Could drive it in my sleep, and doesn’t require much of my mind. I’m able to focus 98% on the podcast, AND I play them all at 2X speed! 5 years and counting, no near misses!


Thanks for the mention.
The How Do I Money podcast is on a short break until Jan when I’ll be launch a new series called Fifty Dollars Forward.

It’s gonna be great, huge in fact.


Two of my favs are The Money Guy Show, and Money Matters (Wes Moss).


Here’s a thread from WCI that lists a whole bunch.

I don’t listen to podcasts often, but I do enjoy Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It. It’s not financial; more of a Paul Harvey style short story.


Doughroller, Money for the rest of us, bigger pockets are some good ones.

Not money related: Hardcore History by Dan Carlin


Looks like I will be spending my Sunday loading up my phone- thanks everyone!

I enjoy non-money ones as well so I appreciate those tips. Criminal is a great one


My favorite ones, in no particular order:
-Stacking Benjamins with Joe Saul-Sehy
-Financial Rockstar (now Metal Money) with Scott Allen Turner
-Her Money with Jean Chatzsky
-So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
-Dough Roller with Rob Burger
-Afford Anything with Paula Pant
-Profit Boss Radio with Hilary Hendershot
-The Money Guy Show with Brian Preston
-Financial Independence Podcast with the Mad Fientist

I have a 45 minute commute (so an hour and a half a day) so I have lots of time to listen to podcasts.

Ones I tried that some folks like, but I don’t listen to anymore for a variety of reasons:
-Clark Howard: I listened to this for a few years but eventually felt like I outgrew it. It’s very good and informative though, especially if you want the basics.
-Dave Ramsey: Great again for the basics and for getting out of debt, but there’s three hours of this a day. Plus after a year or two you’ve pretty much heard it all. But if you need motivation to get out of debt I love this one
-Listen Money Matters: I stopped listening to this one after one of the hosts talked about why it was a good idea to get a 401k loan. Twice.
-Money Girl: Too short for me. Good basics though, and if you have a short commute it might be good
-Jill on Money: I had consistent technical issues with this one. It was good though


I love Planet Money!!.. and Freakonomics radio…along with Stacking Benjamins and a side of The Economist. And that’s just when it comes to $$$. So many podcasts, so little time…


Radical Personal Finance is a very good one. If you’re interested, here’s my interview from when I was the show earlier this year.


Here’s a list I put together a while ago on Rockstar Finance, but never ended up making it real public - or promoted - just cuz I barely listen to them :frowning: (though I knew these were good from either being on them or seeing them pop up in top 10 lists all the time… You’ll also notice who I put in the #1 slot before I jumped off, haha…)

Anyways, might be helpful?


(From the sidebar on


oh yeah! forgot about that too, haha…

Can’t wait for the whole site to be redesigned - gonna be MUCH better on the eyes, and more fun :slight_smile:

(now if only my designer didn’t go M.I.A., ugh…)


I agree on Radical Personal Finance. Others I have on queue: ProBlogger, Afford Anything, The Mad Fientist, The Minimalists, The Tim Ferriss Show, along with several others already mentioned. I LOVE listening to podcasts when I drive.


Some lesser known Podcasts that I really like and recommend:

Docs Outside the Box
Invest Like A Boss
The Freedom Formula For Physicians
Sound Investing with Paul Merriman

I know two of these sound like doctor podcasts, and they are - sort of - but the things they talk about in them are universal to basically anyone.

Download an app called Overcast to listen to these podcasts, and throw it on 1.5x speed. You’ll be able to listen to a ton more.