Best laptop for blogging


I have a quick question. Is there any conventional wisdom on which laptop is best for blogging. I have been using my sons laptop for the past month due to my own laptop going belly up:pray: As far as I can see, the choices I have are, a chromebook, PC or a MacBook. Any thoughts? Shawn @ TheSmartFi.


I just bought an Asus Chromebook flip c302 and love it. I had a Chromebook before that too and didn’t have any limitations.


That’s what I wanted to hear. Costco has a Chromebook on sale now. I just wanted to know if it would work for blogging before pulling the trigger. Thanks


I’m in the market too and will consider this one. What’s the battery life like?


Not all Chromebooks are great though. Make sure it’s a good one


I think mine is rated for 10 hours and it gets about that.

I love that it is charged by usb-c and have a port on each side. I can plug the charger into the side that’s more convenient


Oh that’s kinda nice.

It’s also got a slot for MicroSD card right? Do you know the limit on that?

64GB is a bit on the light side for me, so I was thinking of getting another 128GB MicroSD card just for funsies.


Lol I haven’t owned a microsd card since my Motorola Droid x.

Most of my files are on a flash drive or Google drive. The only downloaded files are images from pixabay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If all you’re going to use it for is blogging, then the Chromebook is the way to go in my opinion, especially one that costs less than $500. Anything over that and you’re skirting with the value proposition of getting a traditional laptop with a full hard drive, lots more storage space and ability to do other things (like graphics work, etc).

I have an Acer R11 Chromebook that I use and love.


I have been using HP and I don’t have any complaint