Best Bank or Credit Union


Where do you bank and why? High interest rate/low fees? Great customer/member service? Looking for a good place in the Pacific Northwest that offers good checking and savings accounts without tons of fees.


If you can get away with doing everything online, check out Alliant Credit Union or Ally Bank.


I haven’t found a CU in the PacNW that offers rates much better than the big banks. Like @_TJ, try Alliant or Ally. That being said, for the hands-on feel, we do have the kids’ accounts at Unitus. The customer service is good and it gives the kids a chance to go in and talk with a teller and hand over their cash for deposit.


Credit Union. Local branch. Don’t care so much about earning interest but I do like how personable they are, how easy they were to work with when I refi’d, online capabilities etc.
Check around up there. Sure there’s a bunch…


I currently use Aspiration (that’s an affiliate link that donates $50 to charity with signups) 1% monthly compounding interest checking, free ATM use.

I’m all about being as lazy as possible, so I’m thinking of maybe switching to Ally because they work with personal capital.


Definitely agree with this. I choose Discover Bank for my emergency fun mainly since I already have a Discover Credit card. Many have posted about simplicity with finances can really help. That’s the main reason i picked Discover over Ally. The rate is very close but the sanity of less places to login is awesome


I recommend Simple to everyone who will listen. Their customer service has always been excellent, there are no fees for anything (except maybe overdrafts?), and their app is gorgeous. The killer feature for my wife and me, though, is their Goals. If you’re familiar with the envelope system of budgeting, you’ll know exactly what Goals are. If you’re not, they’re like little mini-accounts inside your checking account. You can have a Goal for each different category, for example - restaurants, and then when you go out to dinner, you can spend from that Goal and still know exactly how much you have in your gas, clothing, and rent Goals for the month. It’s been a game-changer for our budget, and while it would’ve been possible with other banks, it wouldn’t have been nearly as easy.


Definitely BECU - Great customer service, no maintenance fees, and a high interest rate on your deposits. For Washington state residents only, BECU is offering a member referral $100 bonus to open an account. Just open an account before the end of the year and we each get $100. Just meet some minimal requirements (and NO, you don’t have to set up any direct deposit). Here’s the link to all the details:$100 I highly recommend this credit union - I’ve been a member for over a dozen years and they’re fantastic. No-fee checking accounts, plus you earn unheard-of 4.07% interest APY on the first $500 in both your checking AND savings accounts (with Member Advantage - see site for details). I’d really appreciate it if someone would use my referral code. Thank you very much. (remember, must be WA state resident to open an account with them).

LAST NAME (if they ask): Bennett


I just opened a savings account with Alliant for the “high” interest rate. I’m basically just waiting for them to offer a signup bonus to open a checking account with them. I could see myself banking with them for a good while.


I think I got $50 when I opened my account 6 or so years ago. I don’t recall a time in recent memory when there was an incentive for this though.


Doing a quick google search shows they’ve done them in the last couple years.


I just opened an account with Alliant Credit Union earlier this year. The interest rate is quite high on a normal savings account!


We use Chase. It’s a mega-bank and not uniquely awesome, but a branch is super-close to our house and in the parking lot of Costco, where we go quite often. It also has ATMs all over the city/country and has a bunch of perks with a minimum balance. We get free checks, no monthly fees, and a free safety deposit box. They also offer free notary service and have new ATMs that give change in bills other than 20s if you want.
They also have the standard features like free bill pay and the ability to deposit checks over the app on a phone.

The accounts pay very little interest, but the convenience is worth something.


We use Wells Fargo for checking and main investment accounts – despite its challenges. I love the 100 trades without any costs and I’ve set it up so that our budget amount gets transferred from our investment account to our normal living checking account.

I rarely ever go to the branches, even less so with mobile deposits, but I prefer to have a branch near by just in case.