Backlink Opportunity and chance to inspire others - Get out of Debt Series


Hi everyone,

We recently started a series focused on getting out of debt. If you have paid off a certain significant debt like a student loan, we would like to interview you. This is first come, first published. We currently publish weekly every Tuesday.

Here are the prior series.


I paid off roughly $20,000 in student debt in about 8 months if you’re interested. Feel free to contact me (!


My wife and I paid off our mortgage ($230,000 purchase price of the home) in 4 years. If mortgage debt is relevant to this series I’d be happy to participate.


I think my debt went up to $490K at one point.
I’ve been debt free for the last 15 years though.
It feels great to not owe anyone. Receiving interest feels better than paying interest.


I paid off $50,000+ of student loans in less than 5 years. I’d love to contribute.


I’ll email you tonight. Thanks for your interest. No debtbis too big or too small for us .


Awesome. Where should I send the questionnaire?


Please I’ll like the big dog like you featured too. What’s the best email to reach you


What’s the best email to reach you



You can send it to Thanks!


Thanks Drbreatheeasyfinance.
I’m not sure I’m a big dog, but I appreciate that.
I’m at Editor@WealthyDoc.Org


I paid off about $15,000 debt in a year using a combination of methods. You can email me at if you would like to talk.

Looking forward.


I paid off 35K in 11 months. I will be happy to participate in the series. I can be reached at


I’d love to participate, if you’re still looking for interviewees. You can reach me at Thanks!


Thanks. So far i have emailed everyone up to this point. If you did not get my email, please let me know. I really appreciate the response so far. I post weekly, so some might be in 3 months or longer. It is first come first served. I will be emailing when everything is sorted out and will let you know when its going live by email or twitter.


Hey, this came out great.
Thanks so much for the opportunity.


Thanks a lot Wealthydoc. Your story is very inspiring. I learned a lot from it myself, as I am just starting out as an attending physician.


Hi! We paid off $53K in student loans in one year. If you are still looking for people to interview, please let me know. Thanks!


it is always ongoing. please send me your email.