Asking for a bigger than Normal Raise?


Hey folks! (Thanks to everyone who responds ahead of time…)

So, the company I work for gives out mandatory yearly raises. Since I’ve been here, they have been very small incremental raises. For example purposes if I was at 50,000 annual, after one of these yearly raises I would perhaps get to 52,000 or so. I’m now in my 4th year at the company and after these smaller raises, I am looking to move out, and purchase a very nice apartment for myself. The raises that we get are at a set time of year and seems to be from a pool of available funds for our department. My main question is if I want to ask for a very substantial raise, far bigger than the normal raises that I’ve been given, should I ask my boss ahead of time for the raise? So for example if we get our annual raises in June/July, should I ask before then for the ideal amount that i want? Or should I wait until the June/July time? Is there any advantage to letting him know ahead of time about the amount that I’m looking to get? Lastly, if he says that they can only provide the bare minimum “normal” raise that is given out, is there any way I can call him out on this? Obviously not in a douchey, condescending way, but rather how much lieway do you have when your boss says they can’t offer anything more than xxx amount?


I think you’ll find your yearly raise / increase is inline with the professional world. The average is somewhere between 2-5% per year. There are a lot of factors the contribute, location, performance, etc. Just do a search on it, and you find some data. That’s what I’ve seen with 25+ years of work experience. Promotions to a new role/title can carry bigger 8-15% increases.

You can certainly ask for more. The worst that can happen is they can say “no” but I do my homework first. Most companies have internal guidelines for raises/promotions. Does yours? Find out, and see if your increases have been standard/average or below.

What have you done to deserve more of a raise? Make you case. Is your work/effort/ performance above others? Have you volunteer for projects? etc. I’m not sure if you boss will care about you wanted to move out, maybe he will. So you’ll have to make a judgment call on that.

There is a ton of information out there on the topic. Check Reddit or search it… I found this:

And finally, good luck!


Is your salary fair in relation to your role and what a similar company in your area will pay? The reality is that your biggest raise will come from jumping ship and getting a new job. You can certainly ask and prod for more(and I’d bring up your expectations and what you bring to the table to get the ball rolling) but I’d also start interviewing and see what’s out there.


I’ve tried this three times in my career. Two times it was successful. One time it was not. For the time it was not successful, I really didn’t have any sort of an argument other than “New hires are getting paid as much as I am.” I’d been there about two years at that point.

For the times it worked, the first time I went out and did a lot of research and found that I was below market value. The second time I knew that others had been recently turned down, but also waited until I was on a very high visibility project with tight timelines, and knew that if I left, the timelines would almost certainly be missed. Giving me that raise was a drop in the bucket on what extending the project would have cost.

So timing does matter.


Hello! Here’s how I found my market value and brought that to negotiating (then rinse, repeat):