Anyone write about interesting stuff? besides Tom Brady?


I am love reading about macro and micro and as someone who works abroad I def wanna know everything currency related as well.

So I know of a couple great sites beyond the usual bloombergs, etc but (its so click baity now).

I usually go to (their newsletter is amazing). Is there anyone else? Does anyone here have other good ones that I should be paying attention to? Or does anyone write on any?

Also, the biggest patriots fan in the world. That is probably my biggest defining characteristic. No Tom Brady haters allowed.


I had no idea Tom Brady was writing interesting stuff. Please point me to his blog.



when tom brady speaks, 500 pens levitate and begin to write his sweet sweet words!


I heard someone stole his blog, but I think they found it in Mexico.


I’m a macro guy myself. Besides anything Tom Brady…Big fan of The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz.