Anyone using Wisebanyan?


I signed up for this Robo Advisor a while back, and decided to go with Betterment for two main reasons:

  • the Betterment fees at the high end weren’t crazy high (now they are .25% no matter)
  • you can go to 100% stock allocation (Wisebanyan only goes up to a 91%/9%)

I’ve been wondering again if Wisebanyan might be a better spot to put my money. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts who have been using Wisebanyan on what their thoughts have been with the platform.


Never used either but it seems to me you get what you pay for? Might be worth the .25% Betterment charges for better results?


That is an excellent thought. I’m poking around now to see if I can find a comparison of returns. I can’t imagine they’d be all that different. Both,

  • Tax Loss Harvest
  • Invest in broad index funds
  • fractionally purchase shares


WiseBanyan is completely free, but you get pretty much just the basics. Betterment is much more feature rich, but you pay for it. Tax Loss Harvesting is available at both as a premium offering (not included with the base service).

I wrote this Robo Guide recently that might be useful to you.


Hadn’t heard of M1 Finance before. Thanks for pointing them out in your blog.