Anyone ever buy a website on Flippa?


I’m looking at some of these sites for sale. They claim to be generating income through adsense, which seems legit. What doesn’t seem legit is that some of them are (currently, it’s an auction site.) for sale for around 1 month’s income. Something smells fishy.

Any experiences?


i’ve sold a site there once but never bought. From what I’ve been told it’s your last resort to buy/sell :slight_smile:

if you’re looking to pick up new $$$ blogs I can add you to my list where I send out notes anytime I know of one for sale. we’ve probably sold over 100 blogs over the years this way :slight_smile: (And the buyers/sellers are more legit cuz they come directly from our community!)


I bought and sold a lingerie site on flippa years ago. Lost money on it because I f’d up the SEO and decided to cut my losses. Also hated the amount of time it took. I felt like I couldn’t travel while I had that.


Can you add me to the list as well please?


Lingerie?? Haha… would have fit in nicely with budgets are sexy :wink:


sure dude - hit me on email so I have your email and will add you into it :slight_smile: j @ budgetsaresxy . com


Thanks man!


It even had sexy in the domain name!

FeelingFriskySexyLingerie. :wink:


What did you end up doing on this? Would be interested to hear your experience.