Anybody tempted by United stock today?


United airlines is a very well-established company who took a major PR hit today. A flight attendant made a passenger put a dog in an overhead bin during a flight, and the dog died. Terrible story.

However, the stock has fallen 2.6% today. It’ll almost certainly go back up. Anyone tempted?


Nope. Index funds for me. I’ve learned the hard way not to buy individual stocks.


I’ve discovered that I can make any company go bankrupt simply by buying their stock. I’m 3 or 3. So I too will stick to index funds.


Haha! Too funny!


I don’t do individual stocks (or day trading), so not I! :slight_smile:


I’d stick to index funds, too.


Tempted, yes. Did I act on it? No.

Airlines always seem to end up going bankrupted for one reason or another.


Airlines are one of the sectors I avoid, for multiple reasons. 1. Their profitability is heavily dependent on government intervention both positively and negatively. 2. I try to avoid industries that compete solely on price (someone aways figures out how to be chaper) 3. Unions 4. Customers hate airlines, why invest in a business where customers all hate your service? 5. Too much energy cost risk 6. Interest rate risk most planes are leased.


Nope. Even if it’s a temporary 2.6% correction, that’s not enough to move the needle for me. Am I going to gamble $100,000 so that I can make $2,600 when United goes back up to its previous price? I’ll stick with index funds where, come to think of it, I already own a piece of United anyway.