Any Single Parents in the House?


Hi, I go by Akiko. I am a GenXer with too much debt. I’m actually on a search for single parents in the personal finance world to bond with and read their story for enrichment. But am having a hard time locating this group. Figure it is a privacy thing. Or are there no single parents in debt or who have climbed their way out of debt. :open_mouth:

I have a lot of debt that I just need to get mad at. I’ve had the debt for a long time. I am having a hard time getting rid of it even though I make good money.


Hello Akiko, welcome to the forums. I’m also a GenXer, no longer single but was once a single mom. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with prioritizing debt elimination. It’s tough but you can do it! What worked for me was imaging all the things possible without debt in my life. Deciding from there what I wanted and creating a detailed plan to make it happen.

Your site looks great, what type of blog did you have before?

Interesting! You’ll have to tell us more. :wink:


Hi AmyB. Thank you! I fortunately do have the detailed plan and luckily have the day-to-day finances down. I’ve even made strides in the past. Unfortunately for various reasons of health and family have set me back a few times. Hopefully all of that is done and I can get the momentum running down hill for good! :smiley: Then mix it in with family-life balance. Too many factors.

Thank you about my site. I just moved it over to self-hosting. I’ve had various blogs in the past from pf to health to cooking.

Glad I finally signed up for this forum!


Hello Akiko. I’m also a single parent and have just started blogging and turning my financial life around. Here’s my site:


Hi Akiko,

I’m not a single mom, but we can all support each other. Glad you join the forums. Welcome!


Hi Brian! Now I don’t feel like an anomaly. :slight_smile: I look forward to checking out your blog.


Hi Ms99to1percent. Your blog is great!
And I welcome all the support and being supportive. I am so glad I joined this forum.
The paradigm of finances as a single parent (with debt in my case) can be slow to progress. I was on a search for someone to commiserate with. LOL.


There’s not much diversity in personal finance (we all know this). It’s nice to see life and money from a different, closer perspective so thank you.


thanks TFG. I just wish it was coming from a viewpoint of wealth, not debt. :wink:


Hi Akiko, I’m Em, and I also just started blogging about this - essentially being a Gen X single parent in the FI community. My child is somewhere around the same age as yours and is just finishing college. I would love to chat more with other single parents our age in the FI community! Seriously I was looking for a local meetup group about this because there are so many folks with two incomes, or single without kids, and it’s hard to relate to that when you’re the sole breadwinner and head of household, but still looking for financial security in a nontraditional scenario. I’m going to head over to check out your blog now. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m new to the forum here and also to blogging, but I’m a single/divorced mom of a 2 year old living in Austin TX. I blog here: :slight_smile:


Hi Akiko, I am the only provider for my three kids (2 in University). I haven’t blogged much about what it’s like yet but plan to at some point. Welcome! I will make sure to check out your site:)