Any favorite (recent) resources on passive income?


My old passive income post was #3 in google for a long while (before I shut the blog down).

I’m redoing it now for my new blog, and looking for a few people to feature!

Any helpful resources, tools, blogs, or bloggers you think should be featured? Open to anybody who has amazing content (if that’s you, you’ll get good promo from this hopefully).

Whatcha got?


I will definitely nominate both Paula Pant and Jason Fieber of Afford Anything and Mr. Free at 33 respectively. They’ve both come at passive income in different ways, but both have massively succeeded.


I’ll shameless promote my own stuff. :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed @Jim’s post:

I recently brought it up as a reference to show my husband when talking about our future income plans :smiley:

(That’s TWO free promos you get from me today, Jim! :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thanks for the love Steph! :slight_smile:


Mr Free at 33 is great. As is dividend growth investor (in my opinion).

Not me though - I am on the opposite end of the spectrum where I write that vacations are for wimps and other frugal approaches to life then turn around and spend it all on education.


I honestly really like Listen Money Matters:

They have awesome content and advice.

One page: has links to several of their blog posts podcasts.

I like that Listen Money Matters cuts out the BS and is completely honest with what you need to do with savings, investing, student loans, and credit card debt.

Not to mention their podcasts always start off with naming the drinks that they are having – silly intro, but I look forward to it!


Many years ago I read about mini-warehouses. I had a small piece of commercial property, and I thought it might be a good idea to build a small structure with a few mini-warehouses to rent. I worded the ad in the newspaper wrong, and instead of getting inquiries about mini-warehouses, I got phone calls from people wanting to rent mini-workshops. IOW, there were lots of people who needed a small workspace with electricity and access to a bathroom or running water. I thereby realized that there was a market for that sort of thing that was not being met, and I changed my plans. Instead of building mini-warehouses, I began building mini-workshops. These spaces are needed by artists, people who want to work on their hobbies, people who need a small retail sales place, people who need to move their businesses out of their home but don;t want to pay a lot of rent, etc. This need exists everywhere, but very few investors are taking advantage of it. In China investors build long one and two-story buildings that are divided up into single car garage workshops, double car workshops, workshops with an apartment above them, etc. In America the mini-warehouse niche has been filled, and there are millions of mini-warehouses for rent, but the workshop niche has not yet been filled. I would suggest that investors consider that to be a huge opportunity. The trick is learning how to build such spaces economically and in such a way that the structures cannot be easily damaged.


How about options trading? Many investors use the “covered call” strategy to milk their existing equity holdings for extra yield. I use a related strategy and sell put options on the S&P. Works well in sideways moving markets.