Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Rho!


Happy New Year, everyone!

I introduced myself here under the name “J” about a year ago. Now about a year in, I feel like trying to remain completely anonymous caused me to hesitate interacting with people in the personal finance community the way I normally would. I also talk fairly freely with family and friends about personal finance and our debt journey, so that concern isn’t a factor for me. To be honest, I was kinda bad at being anonymous, too, as I’ve sent multiple emails with my real name in the signature out of habit smh.

On top of that, balancing my 9-to-5 with my blogging efforts was a struggle toward the end of last year, and unfortunately, my job won. I’m back to try again in the new year. I’m easing into it with one post a week. Hopefully, I can keep it on track this time. We’ve got baby #2 on the way in March, so keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I’ve been dropping in on the forums periodically and look forward to reconnecting with everyone and getting to know the new people.

My Twitter and Pinterest are still the same. For any newbies, please feel free to connect with me there (Twitter and Pinterest).


P.S. Bonus points if you get the song reference in my post title. :slight_smile:


Welcome (again). Are you a man of wealth and taste? :wink:


Oh hi! I just saw you on Twitter haha


Thanks so much! Good guess, but no, I’m not a (wo)man of wealth and taste. It’s from a different genre and decade :slight_smile:


Hiii! Just followed you!


Great to have you back.


Welcome back! And congratulations on baby #2!


Welcome back, Rho!


Thanks so much, guys! @tunalbreeze @APurpleLife @peerlessmoneymentor


Welcome and best of luck! Balancing work, family and blogging is no easy task. Congrats on baby#2!


Thank you! Balancing is definitely a struggle, but I’ll just take it one step at a time :slight_smile: