Allow me to re-introduce myself


What’s up everyone, I’m Eric!

A lot of the old-school FinCon people already know me (and a bunch of the newer folks too). I’m a tax accountant specializing in the blogging and freelance communities. Been part of the FinCon community since the beginning but I can’t say I have perfect attendance because I missed the first one–I was still working for someone else and they didn’t want me leaving right before the individual extension deadline. Anyway, I’ve been to every one since, so go me hahaha!

Anyway, a lot of people have asked where I’ve been and the answers are:

  1. I spent last year combining all of my “branded” content into a site bearing my own name since that’s how I market myself anyway, and
  2. Even more importantly, I was deep in course creation mode.

Well, now I can raise my head again and proudly say my course is now finished so I can start being social again!

Anyone who doesn’t knwo me just needs to look at my profile and that’ll give you a concise-yet-accurate idea!


Welcome to the forums @Eric! :grinning:


Thanks Rachel! Haven’t seen you in the FB group in a while, is this where you are these days? :grinning:




Most definitely @Eric! FB was a bit too time consuming for me. Great to see you here! :grinning:


Welcome, or welcome back or whatever greeting is the least appropriate.

Crazy to me that you would suddenly have free time in the heart of tax season given your profession but definitely glad you are here!


Ha, that’s one of the perks of running my own business. I can spend less time working since I keep all of the income as opposed to working tons of overtime for a fraction of the billings I create! Plus my clients are the freakin’ best and are super organized which makes my life so much easier.


That’s great. Nice to meet you. What’s your website address?


Hi Eric, I am an account too! Tom


Which–company or blog?