Age is just a number? Really?


Hello all,

Often we hear the expression “age is just a number”. I have been thinking about this saying a bit, sometimes I like to agree (when it serves me well) and at other times I don’t agree.

It is a over simplification. Age does matter, how much, sometimes it depends on how we live, and sometimes age is what it is as in when you start school, the date you can retire, drive etc.

Age is just (JUST) a number, is an expression young people don’t use, I think it is used more by ol


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To continue: ……used more by older folks, sometimes to say between the lines " I am younger than you think. But the reality is that most people do look their age. The aging process will take place regardless of whether you like it or not, no matter how many operations, or exercise, or health foods you eat. Maybe our need of saying “age is only a number” would not be so needed if our culture was not so fixated on “youth”. Every age is good, has a purpose, is programmed into our genes, like it or not. Scientifically speaking Life, is a process, and every age is a part of that process: 2 years or 99 years.

Not to say we should not try to live well and healthy, but for some reason, I think a lot of men…(sorry guys) like this expression as a way to justify finding inappropriately younger women to convince themselves that they are still young, and wanted.
The problem with this is that they are not on the same page in life, mentally, emotionally, and likely spiritually as well.
The other side to that is have you ever seen a young woman hang out with an older guy that is broke? Or does it take money to convince her?

I work in health care and know that age will claim you slowly back to the earth, regardless of much wealth you have. I have an issue with the expression “Age is just a number”, age is a lot more than just a number.
It is telling of how much longer you have to live, your health challenges, you wisdom, your spirituality, you accumulated knowledge, life experience, outlook on life/death, how you choose to use your money, able to sort out snake oil from the real stuff, choosing what to sweat or not, knowing what to value and discard, accepting your losses, accepting yourself and your life, and pondering what your purpose in life was, what you have given, contributed and received, pondering what you are grateful for, forgiving and on and on. So, yes, indeed I think age is a lot lot more than just a number.

Some may like to use this expression as a way to break away from the conventional, but why do we need to use a shallow expression such as age is just a number to try something not so conventional. Is it not kind of putting down those who are older and have accumulated a lot of wisdom over their lifetime by stating their age is just a number.

Age have been earned, and much has been learned about living/life over this time and it should be valued. Only valuing youth is shallow and boring, they just don’t have the richness of life experience yet, just a lot of hormones.

So the age number does matter, it it did not, we would not have actuaries, and many other occupations that deal with age/aging related topics. We all age and get older by the second. Oops, you are now 5 minutes older… tomorrow you will be more older…and hopefully wiser.


Yes, I totally agree with you.
And, as I pointed out, people use this phrase in some conversations with younger ones.
What for? Depends on a situation. But they use it to show that they’re not so old as it seems, they’re not so boring, and so on.


It does matter but it is also relative in some ways. When I was a kid my dad was kind of old in his fifties. I ran my lifetime best marathon in my fifties! While you can’t escape the reaper your lifestyle can be as active or more active than most millennials well up into your seventies if you take care of yourself and do not get sideswiped by fate.


I’m very interested in the research of Mario Martinez, a neuropsychologist who studies centenarians and the impact of culture on our perceptions about aging. I think culture instills and reinforces limiting beliefs about what we can and cannot do based on our age. For that reason, I may always be 37. :grinning:


Age is just a number… Until age catches up with you, whether it’s your mind or body. Science is going forward in leaps and bounds, but there’s no firm evidence that tells us what causes dementia for instance. So currently preventing it is… anyone’s guess. Being fit, active and generally following good habits might prevent chronic diseases, but eventually parts start to fail, sadly.

As long as we have our minds, we’ll still be curious about the world, and wanting to be socially active. So in that way age is just a number. However, the state of your physical body is a huge limiter on your quality of life. My wife’s grandfather was connected to wires for the last four years of his life. Unplug him and he’d die… He also had dementia… Unfortunately, age wasn’t just a number for him.

Age is one of the biggest motivators for us to retire as soon as possible (while also having enough of an income to make the most of our lives).

Here’s to a long and healthy life!



Wow! Now you have really got me thinking. I am definitely older than most of you in the forum here and do believe that age is more than just a number. I believe that age is experience and wisdom and perspectives one wouldn’t have had earlier on in life. However, the body does want more things and rest in return than earlier. This bit is true and unfortunately irreversible.


great ! I am really like to read this one. It’s true and off course age is “more than just a number”.
Sometimes we think about it and sometimes not.
The age is just moments and get experiences in which we learn or gain something.