Advice on selling your stuff


Our plan includes selling our house and all of its contents which we realize is not going to be an easy task so we’re looking to all of you for suggestions on some of the best ways to sell your stuff and not get totally ripped off.

We had a bad experience using craigslist a few years ago so are hoping to find ideas for ways we can make back some cash without having to deal with too many crazy people.

We’re particularly interested in suggestions on ways to sell: large items like furniture, items that can’t easily be shipped, houseware, clothes (new or like new), etc.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and experiences alike.

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Facebook Marketplace is where we had the best luck! We got 40 or 50 responses to 1 from Craigslist on many items. And you can see who you are talking to. SO much easier. We downsized and sold a lot of large items.


I would agree with Facebook market place. It is great for getting bargains, and you often get to meet lovely people, and it is free as far as I know.

In terms of selling your house, you could try selling privately if that is legal in your country. It is in NZ and you get to save the 4% commission charge by real estate agents. Which can be 10s of thousands depending on the value of your house.


Thanks for sharing your experiences and for the suggestions. Sounds like we need to look in to Facebook Market Place as several folks have mentioned it and have reported positive interactions.

We have some time before we’ll be putting our stuff out there for sale but we will definitely let you know how it goes. If anyone has any additional suggestions…we are all ears. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Your local area will often have “for sale” groups and/or marketplaces that are separate (and often even more active) than the general Facebook marketplace.

Do a quick search and try like “your city + for sale” or “your city + marketplace” as those groups are often even bigger.


We sold our house a few weeks ago and sold most of our furniture through Craigslist and Next Door, which our subdivision belongs to. I was very apprehensive at first about Craigslist but it went fine. I also looked at something called Everything But The House but was reluctant to use them.


I want to sell some new things I don’t use, but this task migrates all the time, because it is a big deal. To find a customer, you have to make high-quality and aestetic photos, write a text, post and update your posts. It takes much time.