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Oh my goodness what a beautiful story!!! How old is Raeann today? How is she doing?

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Raeann is now 25, and is an emergency RN in Bakersfield, CA. She is married, husband deployed in Jordan. He is in the reserves. He returns in August. She has one child. I always think of when she got pregnant. I told her to postpome kids until she had her RN license. She disobyed me. He he I was glad she did. Now we have a beautiful grandchild and she studied nursing as a single mom.

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By the way I love your blog and your style of writing.


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What a beautiful story! So wonderful to read about what great things being financially free can enable someone to do.

My wife and I have had thoughts about using financial independent to allow us to severely restrict our work hours to be more available to children in need, like those in the foster care system.


Awesome that is great and yes. I can’t imagime my life without her. She has added so much to our lives.


Really this a unique style of story telling on fostering services topic great !


Thks so much