Ad networks


Anyone know of a good ad network for the personal finance and investing space (not the big ones like adsense or I was trying to get on with myFinance, but they recently implemented very high minimum requirement of 300,000 impressions per month.


I’ve been tots happy with MediaVine.


You can try Sovrn if you’re just starting out. They have a bottom ad bar that changes every 30 seconds so it gets more impressions. Mediavine is 25k min sessions and Adthrive is 100k pageviews I think. I qualify for neither of those so I can’t say anything too much. I hear very good rpms though. I assumed 6-11, but mediavine tweeted back saying their average rpm “is much higher than that”.


Thanks for the input Steve.


Thanks for the info birds of a fire… Tom


I’d add another vote for Mediavine. As long as you have 25k sessions a month, you can get in. They earn about 5-7x what Adsense does.

Let me know if you’re interested and I can connect you with the right person to get your application processed quickly.


Ok. Thank you. I need to build my traffic a bit more before I qualify for Mediavine. But, I will get there. Thanks again, Tom


Good to know for when we hit 25K sessions - thanks man


Does Sovrn have a requirement?


When you get to 20k or so, let me know and I can help you get over the top. :wink:


thanks ESI!


I think it is if your blog is four months old, and if it isn’t but looks like it has quality content, someone might reach out to ask you to backdate some of your blog posts. I have my blog set on a waterfall system. Sovrn -> Adsense -> Affiliate.

It’s nice seeing even just beer money lol.


Every little bit helps!

What do you mean by the waterfall system?


Appreciate the offer and advice ESI. Have been poking around your site the last couple days. Very inspirational and interesting to read because we are a similar demographic. Early 50’s, nearly 30 years in corporate world and retired in late 40’s having earned FI. Like to stay productive (part time University teacher) and now blogging. Looking forward to read more on your blogging series. Tom


I have 3 ad “groups” that I passback to. For example if Sovrn’s CPM falls below $X, I want Sovrn to passback to Adsense. I have my Adsense set to show 70% of it’s ads because 70% of their ads make up 99% of my Adsense revenue. My last ad I just stick a random affiliate ad there just for fun. Last month I made $11.40. But for March I’m at $2.51. Just bidding my time until Mediavine :).


Thank you. Very helpful and insightful. Tom